Traveling alone as a woman: 7 tips for your unforgettable road trip

Traveling alone can be scary, but open up whole new worlds to you. Here's how to make your first solo trip a success.

More and more women are choosing to explore the world on their own to experience the ultimate independence and freedom. Or just because your best friend or partner doesn't have the time. But that's why you postpone your dream trip right away? However, traveling alone as a woman can take some getting over – but it's worth it, we promise!

In the midst of the technological age, there are more and more online communities that report on traveling alone. With the help of the latest apps and platforms, it is possible to get all the information needed to plan your dream trip. With our tips, your big solo adventure will be a success and you'll feel safe and confident.

A global trend: you're not alone when traveling alone!

Choosing to travel alone/solo is a global trend that seems to be spreading all over the world – especially among women. Google searches for "solo woman travel" have increased exponentially in recent years: from 32% in 2017, to 59% in 2018, and 2019 saw as much as a 230% increase.

According to a study by hostelworld, 75% of generation Z women (born between 1995 and 2010) have already traveled or plan to travel alone, compared to 67% of men in the same age group.

To celebrate international women's day and to get some first-hand experience, we talked to some of our female customers who have ventured out on their own with the RV. Narelle jarvis, a 70-year-old australian, decided to travel alone in europe.

Her chosen destination was spain and after her 18-day trip, she told us, "I'm a single woman and – call me selfish – I like to travel alone without having to worry about the others. My personal fascination lies in photography and art. Traveling alone gives me time to relax and think".

Woman stands joyfully in front of a campervan

What motivates women to travel alone?

In a conversation about traveling alone, narelle talks about the scary but indescribably great feeling of getting lost and finding undiscovered places along the way. More and more often women go on vacation alone to experience exactly that: traveling at one's own pace and being exclusively mindful of one's own interests and desires. Traveling alone offers not only the possibility to make completely free decisions, but also the perspective of a personal rediscovery (as cliche as it may sound)!). On this journey to find yourself, unexpected acquaintances and experiences will become important companions along the way.

Social networks and online communities will whet your appetite for solo travel and motivate you to summon up all your courage and embark on an adventure alone. Personal safety has the highest priority here. However, finding trustworthy accommodations, exploring local attractions, or staying in touch with family and friends has never been easier. On this topic, narelle says that staying in touch with her family and friends, whether through social media or email, has helped her not only to share her experiences, but also to keep them informed of her current location at the same time.

Traveling alone means facing your fears

Although many solo travelers like to talk about their successfully overcome fears and many stories are romanticized – you will have your very own experiences and push your personal limits and this will not always be pleasant. Be aware that you will be completely on your own. No one will tell you what to do or not to do, which on the one hand gives you the much promised freedom, but on the other hand gives you a high level of personal responsibility.

Take care of yourself and your needs and learn to interpret your feelings and impressions. Also, be aware of the difference between being alone and being lonely, and be open to new things, because that's what your trip is for. This is how you will surpass yourself!

Traveling alone as a woman

7 tips for women planning a road trip on their own

Find the right destination

There are two factors you should consider when choosing your itinerary:
(1) your travel budget and (2) available accommodations.

On the internet, on travel blogs and on websites of travel companies you will find numerous suggestions for all kinds of road trips. Inform yourself in detail before you start your trip.

There are also numerous apps that can certainly come in handy during your trip: park4night shows the best places to park your RV and find overnight accommodations. In this app you will also find travel guides and reviews of all the places that community members have already visited. Another useful app is viamichelin – one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to calculating tolls and fuel costs.

Travel safely

Traveling alone means on your own are. Therefore, it is important that you do enough research about the places you want to visit. Also find out about possible places to go and contact numbers in case something happens to you, such as the emergency numbers for the country you plan to travel to, or the number of your local bank. Also, always take enough water, food and a first aid kit to be self-sufficient and safe on the road.

To this point, narelle adds, "keep the doors of your RV locked, even while driving. It is also advisable to stay in places where there are other campers, or in campgrounds. Never stay alone in remote places."

Download offline maps

Once you've mapped out your route, you can download offline maps of your destinations from google maps (or a similar app) and mark your stops, points of interest, and places to stay so you can reach them without the internet if necessary. True to the motto: forewarned is forearmed. If you like to go hiking in the great outdoors, apps such as maps are recommended.Me, which can give you inspiration for hiking routes and viewpoints.

Learn a few words in the local language

Knowing how to say a few words in the local language to get directions or ask for advice is always a big plus. Although we live in an age where google translator makes our lives much easier, sometimes when we least expect it, technology can let us down. Apps like duolingo or babbel can prepare you in advance for a few everyday situations in a playful way.

Don't keep all your cash and cards in one place

Always keep your cash, bank cards, identification documents and other important documents in two separate places. That way, you always have a backup plan in case you lose something. If you are traveling alone, this is especially important, as you need to be able to rely completely on yourself.

Listen to your gut

"Make plans, but sometimes put them aside and follow your instincts and whims. If you have a partner or husband who doesn't like to travel, go without them!", says our 70-year-old adventurer.

Don't let external circumstances or your fear of a new challenge stop you from achieving your dream trip. A good travel preparation is half the battle and will give you security and a good feeling. The world is waiting to be explored, and we are sure you will not regret the experience.

Get out of your comfort zone and make new friends

Easier said than done, since it's so cozy in your comfort zone after all. However, traveling is the best way to learn more about yourself and your needs. And that's why you wanted to get away from it all! If you travel alone, you will quickly notice that you are much more open to new acquaintances.

However, if you're a woman and don't want to travel all alone, there are great ways to find and inspire like-minded people for your next trip. Through the join my trip platform, you can either plan your next adventure as an organizer and look for fellow travelers, or you can simply join a trip that has already been planned. The tourlina app, designed specifically for women, also allows verified members with the same interests to connect and plan their next trip together.

Whatever you decide to do – enjoy your freedom! And who knows, maybe this road trip will lead to unique and lasting friendships?

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