Staying abroad in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world, but has less than half the population of germany. The country is perfect for an exciting stay abroad with its friendly inhabitants and the incredible diversity of nature, regions and ethnic groups. Since most canadians live in the few large cities, there are vast, sparsely populated areas of unspoiled nature. Numerous adventures await explorers and globetrotters during a year abroad in canada!

Study abroad programs in canada

Student exchange in Canada

  • Student exchange from the age of 14
  • Intermediate english skills are an advantage
  • 3 months to 1 year stay possible
  • Program starts in february and september

About the country

Numerous lakes characterize the landscape of canada. The largest of them is the great bear lake with an area of over 31.000 km². In the west of the country the rocky mountains stretch from north to south.

Canada is mainly characterized by a continental climate. Long cold winters and hot summers determine the weather.

Canada's forests cover a large part of the country. From newfoundland to the north of the country is an area of coniferous forests with pines, firs and spruces. The sugar maple grows in the south of quebec and is the supplier of the sweet and typical canadian maple syrup. However, in the southern parts of the great plains of canada there are also some treeless regions.

Canada's impressive landscape offers a lot of habitat for numerous animal species. In the national parks the chances are higher to see bears, which also include the grizzly bear, and moose. Here also live forest buffalos and the prairie buffalo, which no longer exists in the wild. Canada's many lakes are home to trout, salmon and pike.


The special thing about canada is that there are two official languages: english and french. However, french is predominantly spoken in the province of quebec, which is located in the east of the country. In the provinces of alberta, ontario and new brunswick the percentage of the french speaking population is also very high. In the rest of the country, most of the population is english-speaking. The english in canada is similar to the US-american one. First and foremost this concerns the pronunciation. However, canadian english also has british characteristics.


Especially typical for the canadian cuisine are the excellent wild lobster, the canadian salmon and of course the maple syrup. The country's many wild berries give canadian cuisine a particularly fruity influence. Elk, deer and venison provide the hearty component.

Tolerance, punctuality and politeness are important in canada. Impatience and crowding, on the other hand, are rather foreign words. It is also not common to just sit at a table in restaurants. Canadians usually wait until they are assigned a table.

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