Renting an office: 5 smart tips for founders

Your company has cleared the first hurdles. All signs point to growth. But where there is growth, space is also needed. In plain language: an office must be created. Now the question for founders is: what do you have to look out for when renting an office??

The question about the right office is much more difficult to answer in times of remote work or home office than it was before the pandemic. While offices in attractive locations were in short supply before the lockdown, the situation is different now. This is also due to the fact that in the past, offices were used almost exclusively to provide space for workstations – now offices are evolving into meeting places. Therefore, founders must answer one question first and foremost before renting an office: do I want my office to be a meeting place that invites employees and customers to stay?? Or do the employees and you only need a place to work?? Or maybe the office should serve both purposes?

1. Renting a large or small office?

For your company to grow with you and the company's goals, space is needed. How much depends on various factors. If you want to create a workplace for yourself and your employees with the office, the office must provide enough space for your employees:inside. This is also and especially true in the post-pandemic period. Therefore, design your office space generously, should this be possible for you. Cramped and stuffy offices are not inviting and – even worse for you as an employer – more often lead to the spread of quickly contagious diseases. An office that makes your employees sick during the growth phase is to be avoided at all costs.

However, an office that is too large can also have negative effects, as it quickly appears quite empty. A picture you should not show to possible clients. However, if you expect a rapid increase in the number of employees, the situation looks quite different again. In most cases, however, larger spaces are accompanied by higher costs.

Thus, you need to ask yourself the question: is it worth it for you to rent an office right now with enough space in perspective? Or is a new move more cost-efficient?? Remember, the bigger the office, the bigger the utility costs will be as well. Here, too, there are a few things to keep in mind , e.G.B. Corresponding deadlines

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2. Coworking, office sharing or rent your own office after all?


So-called coworking spaces have sprung up in the recent past, especially in metropolitan areas. Behind this are companies that offer workstations in a wide range of variations – from a single desk to an entire floor, there's a lot you can do here. In addition, all office equipment and infrastructure is taken care of. A real all-inclusive package. You (and your employees) only need to bring your notebook with you. This type of office is particularly suitable if you want to act as quickly and flexibly as possible. Another aspect that should not be underestimated: the possibility of networking.

However, design options for the office are usually excluded. A point that you should definitely consider, since your office is also a symbol for you and your company. Therefore, office hygiene is also an important point, so that the premises are on the one hand representative for your customers. But also so that employees:inside feel comfortable. It has been proven that clean, bright and tidy offices create a greater sense of well-being among the workforce.

Office sharing

If you want to retain creative freedom, but flexibility is a factor, an office community could be right for you. Do you know of other founders who are in a similar position to you? Then get in touch and sound out if this possibility comes into question. Of course, everyone benefits from shared costs. And again, in the best case, synergies between your products or services and those of your office neighbors can be exploited.

But remember: an office community does not only have advantages. It has to deal with the same problems that roommates in a shared apartment have to face: fully loaded refrigerators and dishwashers, dirty coffee machines and toilets. And privacy also suffers from time to time.

Rent your own office

You have your eye on an office space that meets all your criteria and is within budget? Then you can consider yourself lucky, because this is a rarity. In very few cases does office space meet the exact expectations of the tenant – they will have to make compromises. Or you take a lot of money in hand to change this. You carry all the responsibility and especially the costs on your own shoulders. In addition to the obvious costs such as rent, ancillary costs or business tax, this may also include new employees to look after the office (reception, office management, etc.).).

3. The location of the office

The answer to the question about the possible location of your office is again subject to several factors – of which your personal preference is sometimes a rather secondary one.

For example, if you are expecting frequent visits from your customers, a good connection is essential. Make sure that the distance from the train station or airport is not too far, or that the highway is easily accessible. Of course, a soclh good location drives up costs. Weigh whether the higher investment will pay off in terms of customer acquisition.

But you should not lose sight of your employees either. If they are located within a certain radius, for example, you will make life easier for them if you choose an office location nearby.

Look at the surroundings of the office. If you and your employees have to work at the computer in a concentrated manner over a longer period of time, you should make sure that there are no kindergartens, schools or busy roads in the immediate vicinity.

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4. OSH

An aspect that is often ignored when planning the first office: occupational health and safety. This is subject to clear regulations in germany, which must be observed.

  • Office space per employee
  • Minimum size of the office
  • Width of the ways
  • Room height
  • Requirements for sanitary facilities

And some more. Therefore, find out exactly whether your future office space complies with the standards, so that you are always on the safe side.

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