6 Alternatives for a Unique Christmas

A new year, another christmas. To all of you christmas grumpies out there, it's that time of year again. Christmas time is coming! And you will say: again. But this year will be different, because now you have us. We show you some alternatives for a unique christmas that will get your holiday spirit going. If you happen to be part of the small segment of the population that doesn't love traditional christmas, then what's coming up is definitely a MUST see!

Get information about japan's subtropical island paradise okinawa and get inspiration for your clients, because every journey starts with a dream!

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Traveling alone can be scary, but open up whole new worlds to you. Here's how to make your first solo trip a success.

More and more women are choosing to explore the world on their own to experience the ultimate independence and freedom. Or just because your best friend or partner doesn't have the time. But that's why you postpone your dream trip right away? However, traveling alone as a woman can take some getting over – but it's worth it, we promise!

Traveling alone as a woman in East Africa

Setting out on a solo journey as a woman can seem like an unusual idea that most of us are quick to dismiss as unfeasible, rather than thinking "I can do this". We understand that, it sounds scary, intimidating and unusual. But setting out into the unknown and testing our limits can have more positive outcomes, more rewards, and more surprises than you can ever imagine. Here are our top tips if you're traveling through east africa alone as a woman.

The austrian composer franz suppè said "you are crazy my child, you must go to berlin"."Whether for that reason or other motives: there are many people who have moved to berlin. And they have to get used to many things first. Sometimes it is quite difficult, but life here also has many advantages. 12 things that newcomers immediately love about berlin (and so do the locals).

Neighbors don't comment on when you come home at night

These are 12 things that newcomers get used to right away: In Berlin, no one peeks through the curtains when you come home drunk

Traveling alone is becoming more and more popular worldwide. There are many reasons to travel alone – you can focus more on the destination, you can travel at your own pace without considering the preferences of your travel companion, and you can do anything you want all the time. You have the freedom to change plans and find your own rhythm. When you travel alone, you'll meet more locals and make new friends around the world.

Many travelers say that their first solo trip was a life-changing experience; all agree that it is more than just a trip, it is a path of self-discovery. You have time and space to think at your leisure. Since there is no person next to you, you will also become more determined and confident.

Inspired by images of costa rica's pristine-looking coastlines, rainforests filled with exotic creatures, and steaming volcanoes towering above the clouds? Us too.

If you're dreaming of a trip to this central american nation, here are nine tips to squeeze the most out of the country.

Belgrade? Weekend-trip? Vacation? – these question marks appeared over many heads, whom I told that I was flying to belgrade for four days for a vacation. I also had some prejudices in my mental luggage, but all of them were completely dispelled by one of the greatest cities I've ever been to!

To do #1: A flight with air serbia

No matter if you fly with austrian airlines or with the almost cult air serbia, you can reach belgrade within one and a half hours by a direct flight from vienna. The plane is relatively small, so only approx. 80 people can sit in it. In row 5 you have a great view on the propellers of the plane and because of the low altitude you can see a lot of the landscape. It feels a bit like time travel to a less modern, but thoroughly charming era.

Kotor is one of the cities with the most diverse nightlife in montenegro, especially among the costal cities. As in any coastal city, during the summer season night life is very rich, this is the case with kotor too. Out of consideration for the other coastal cities where the summer season, the nightlife is not so well known with many clubs, bars and discos opening, kotor is definitely the city with the best nightlife in montenegro.

Bars, pubs, clubs and discos of kotor are very popular in montenegro, and people from other cities travel to kotor just to have fun in kotor old town, where most of the places are located.