Soon it is time and then it is again: trick or treat! The american custom is also becoming increasingly popular here at home. Today we have not only spooky treats for the halloween party, but also many DIY halloween buffet ideas.

Some love it, others hate it. It has become a tradition for us to celebrate halloween. Especially our kids love to throw a halloween party.

The best way to explore the surroundings of chiang mai is to rent a car.

The advantages of renting a car are that you are more independent and flexible to see the numerous sights in the vicinity of chiang mai. Especially for several people a rental car might be the better and cheaper choice than booking expensive excursions where each person has to pay the full tour price.

Prague is a great tourist destination and many visitors enjoy this historic city. Summer is the high season: the weather is warm, but hotels raise their room rates, and since many schools are on break, there are crowds and lines. Prague is known for its cold snowy winters. If you don't mind, you can get great hotel room rates. Spring between april and june is a good time to visit prague – the weather is a little cool but pleasant, there are no crowds and room rates are reasonable. Autumn, between september and october, is considered by many to be the best time to visit prague, czech republic. Like spring, the weather is pleasant, the crowds are gone and room rates are lower. Photo: fotolia.Com

Prague weather and temperature per month

You want to discover largest castles in the medoc during the bordeaux wine route ? Here is my tourist, gastronomic and oenological circuit ideal for a weekend in the vineyards of bordeaux.

I share with you the itinerary with its google map and my advice for the stages and visits of my tourist circuit.

Air travel can be a stressful endeavor, from the long security lines to flight delays to cramped seats, rude passengers and a host of other inconveniences. When you add a baby to the mix, the anxiety only grows: now you're navigating all that while trying to keep your little one safe, comfortable and entertained. Not an easy task!

4 Tips For Successful SMS Marketing

The mobile market is growing faster than any other within the digital landscape. More than ever, we all use our mobile devices to get information on the go, check our email, shop, or use apps to make our daily lives easier.

bunq business account

The bunq business account is issued by the bank of the free. The dutch financial institution advertises that it only makes ethical investments. Every bank has to make investments in order to exist. At the same time bunq refrains from questionable experiments and makes only sustainable investments. As an account holder, you have a say in what projects the money goes to at any given time.

With winter sports I can do nothing, but really nothing at all. I still remember darkly, when I learned over 20 years ago to my then boyfriend to love the skiing. Somehow he and his clique were on skis for the whole winter. Clearly, I wanted to belong to it. But as soon as the relationship with the harti was over, the boards were hanging on the famous nail again. Nevertheless, I have been enthusiastic about snowshoeing for a few years now. In the bavarian forest, mr. Wallygusto and I find optimal conditions for our favorite winter sport.

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Welcome to the future traveler of the dark side. We assume that you have succumbed to temptation and installed genshin impact on your PC, phone or tablet. As a beginner, this open-world adventure game can be a lot to swallow. You may be attracted to the appealing characters or game mechanics; either way, you've made the right decision.

Primgemme? Do you want characters? Spiral abyss? Where to start. We are here to give you some useful tips for beginners so that you can enjoy the game and not regret your actions in the future when you reach higher levels or adventure rank as it is called in the jargon. Genshin.

Crossing the Alps by bike

Doing a crossing of the alps by bike is a dream for many trekking bikers. Whereas just a few years ago, a bike tour across the alps was preceded by excessive planning, today digital stage planning using interactive maps and GPS tracks makes custom transalping relatively easy.