Spring and autumn – these are the most popular seasons for a trip to rome. In winter it is not really empty in the eternal city, however, from november to easter there are significantly fewer tourists between the hot spots of the city on the road. Which also has to do with the unstable weather conditions. In january you can expect everything in the eternal city:

Banana mountain ye: trip to ko yin lay little visited highlight in the south of myanmar

Banana mountain, or banana hill, is the most famous landmark in the vicinity of the town of ye and a unique destination in southern myanmar that is absolutely worth visiting! The banana mountain (burmese: ko yin lay) is a gigantic temple and monastery complex, which impressed my friend and me because of its unusual charm and the pure gigantism.

You can't expect a real mountain at ko yin lay, according to our burmese driver the name banana mountain or banana hill probably comes from the original appearance of the place before the construction of the temple complex started.

If you're looking for new adventures and something a little different, a visit to una national park is an absolute hit. Visitors with camper vans and camping tents are welcome. Here you will be offered beautiful nature, pleasant campsites, friendly hosts and affordable prices.

Where is the una national park?

The park is located in the northwest of bosnia, on the border with croatia.

Fall colors on leaves reflected on a lake in the foreground

Marshmallows are roasting, corn is ready to harvest, and everything is flavored pumpkin spice – but where should you travel for your autumn getaway?

Shortly before the start of the vacations, I would like to ask the following question: how do you actually prepare for a vacation trip?? What is the best way to do that or do you have to prepare at all? Isn't it enough just to go on vacation/drive/fly?

You should know these 10 tips for the iPhone camera

The iphone camera is one of the best cameras in the smartphone field. Whether physical shutter release, burst mode or separate lenses: with these 10 tips for the iphone camera succeed guaranteed better shots.

Vacation planned with children? Bremerhaven is a great city to visit for a city break with kids. Because in bremerhaven with children there are all kinds of things to discover and experience. This is why bremerhaven is always on our travel list!

Effortlessly combine adventure and history in this city and all these discoveries can then be explored completely by foot. Because everything is close together in the havenwelten bremerhaven.

Several roads lead not only to rome, but also to brussels. Whether by plane, by train, by bus or by car – the journey to brussels is possible via different ways. We provide the most important information.

Travel to brussels – air travel to brussels

The airports in brussels are served several times a day by flights from nearby countries. The international airport is about 15 kilometers east of the metropolis. This airport is located in the brussels suburb of zaventum. However, the airport charleroi-gosselies is much more important for low-cost airlines. This junction is located about 50 kilometers to the south of brussels. Regular connections are offered via public transportation, allowing travelers to easily commute between the international airport and the city center. A regional train runs on this route. In addition, the airport city express runs every 20 minutes to stop at stations such as brussels' gare centrale and gare du midi stations. The two train stations are only a few minutes away from the city center. Furthermore, travelers can get from A to B with regular bus lines or an airport line. These means of transportation travel between the airport as well as the city. Buses are also available at charleroi-gosselies airport to transport passengers regularly to the city center of brussels.

Salt air, water games and wellness in franconia: bad kissingen is one of ten "great spa towns of europe". What you can do there? Relaxing in the kisssalis therme, hiking in the hills of the rhon, cycling through the vineyards or marveling at the splendid architecture of the bathing resort. And breathe healthy salt air at the franconian saale – like at the seaside.

Grand hotel. Imperial courtyard. Victoria. Admittedly, such names raise the expectations quite high. And indeed: the amazement already starts in the foyer. Stucco ceilings, spotless white walls that visually multiply the room with mirrors and cozy sitting areas that spread up to the bar, a few steps above. The hotel kaiserhof victoria in bad kissingen lives up to its name.

I have heard from many that it had always been their dream to go abroad and that they had already planned it at least a whole year in advance. With me it was different. I made my decision rather spontaneously and also only half a year in advance. Why? I do not know it also so exactly. I think maybe because I witnessed how a good friend of mine experienced a successful year in the U.S. But probably also because I could use a change in my old life. Besides, I always wanted to improve my english. In any case, I then researched on the internet on the subject of student exchange. And that's how I got on the world citizen scholarship to new zealand. I applied – and even got it! 🙂 I've never been more proud of myself than I am at this point in time.
So far so good. The next 6 months went by very fast with all the preparations and my excitement. And yet sometimes I thought to myself, why are you doing this?? It is still not too late to cancel the exchange! But these are just little panic thoughts. 😉 I wanted to pull it off for myself and also for everyone else.