Mountaineering, kayaking, paragliding: the top 10 outdoor activities in Nepal

Adrenaline-pumping activities like mountain climbing, kayaking and paragliding, or quieter walks among medieval temples and hidden palaces – nepal has a lot to offer. Here are some of the most adventurous things you can do for your stay in the mountainous country.

1 hiking in annapurna and langtang

Nepal is home to some of the most spectacular trekking in the world, not for nothing is this beautiful country called a hiker's paradise.

One of nepal's most popular trekking regions is annapurna. Here, hiking trails lead through valleys, dense forests and past half-frozen waterfalls. Fascinating are the spectacular views of the high mountains. Annapurna circuit leads the trekker to ghorepani poon hill. From here you have a fantastic panoramic view of the most colorful part of the region.

On the other side is the less known langtang region. Those who choose this route of the langtang river will be amazed by the beauty of its nature.

2 fishing at lake phewa

Nepal is the second richest country in the world in water resources including the number of rivers and lakes, which makes it a paradise for anglers and fisherman. There are about 185 species of fish, including trout, catfish, murrei, rainbow trout, trout and crappie.

Betrawati, indrawati, karnali, trishuli and koshi are famous rivers to fish in, but lake phewa in pokhara valley is the place for the best fishing experiences in nepal. The best season for fishing is from october to november and february to may.

3 flying over mount everest

Even if you are trekking and have dreams to advance base camps of everest, a flight trip is still an experience. Mountain flights offer a view of the mountains at an altitude of 7000 meters.

From the domestic terminal of kathmandu airport, take off early in the day by helicopter and fly within 200 meters to mount everest and nearby peaks. The helicopter then usually refuels in lukla, where you continue to syangboche airstrip.

Here you can explore the solu khumbu, also known as the everest region, and the kala pattar base camp on foot. After a fantastic view and a great ride, you will return to kathmandu airport where the trip ends.

4 A boat ride in the narayani river

An early morning boat ride in the sparkling narayani river near chitwan national park is undeniably an ideal opportunity. It is believed that a boating experience of this whimsical river is as fascinating as river rafting. The rippling water and abundant wildlife in and around narayani are undeniable.

Those with the thing for bird watching would love to see different birds like river/red wattled lapwing, ruddy shelduck, osprey, kingfishers. The thrill of boating multiplies with the possibility of seeing gharial / alligators in its water.

5 paragliding in pokhara and bandipur

You may ask yourself, why should I travel to nepal for hang gliding?? That's right, it can be done almost anywhere there are a few hills to be found. But have you ever soared above the clouds? This is why you will find the ultimate paragliding experience that pumps adrenaline through your veins, only in nepal.

The best paragliding adventure ever can be found in sarangkot or pokhara. Here you can even float over the annapurna mountains. A thirty-minute tandem flight costs around 80 euros. The brave ones can also take part in a 10-day flying course and then fly alone with the eagles.

There are countless hiking trails in nepal, most of which are unpaved, but to some beautiful places in the country. And a bike expedition on these trails can provide an exhilarating experience.

All you need to do is rent a bike and just ride in any direction in nepal and you will surely end up in an exotic place. But many people opt for a bike ride in the region of godavari, bungamati, chapagaun and one of the best national parks in nepal, shivapuri.

7 viewing mount everest from gokyo lake

Gokyo lakes consist of six oligotrophic lakes in sagarmatha national park in nepal and are a perfect place to enjoy an unsurpassed view of the majestic mountain. Everest. The summit panorama of everest, lhotse, makalu, kangchenjunga and cho oyu offers a unique experience on clear days.

The lakes are located in the khumjung village development committee of solukhumbu district in the sagarmatha zone of northeastern nepal and are also considered sacred by hindu and buddhist believers. Hundreds of hindus take a holy dip in the waters of these lakes during the janai purnima festival in august.

Bhote koshi river in nepal needs no introduction. This beautiful river, which is the third highest platform for bungee jumping in the world, forces two adventure activities, namely river rafting and bungee jumping.

The experience of river rafting in bhote koshi is undoubtedly exciting, the river has challenging rapids with big bounces and makes your rafting expedition an unforgettable experience.

9 bungee jumping at bhote koshi river

And when it comes to bungee, nothing can beat the feeling of jumping at bhote koshi river. The suspension bridge from which the bungee jumping activity is taken is at a dizzying height of 160 meters and one can very well imagine the feeling of the "big fall" from here.

Hang gliding is a newly introduced air sport activity in nepal. Circling up to the cloud base and heading on a long cross-country flight over patchwork fields is one of the wonders of the modern world. This activity captures your sense of adventure surrounded by the beautiful mountains as you glide through the sky of the himalayan air with light breeze.

11 kayaking in the seti river

Fill your tour of nepal with an hour and a half adrenaline rush adventure by kayak in seti river. Although kayaking can be enjoyed in both the upper and lower seti river, the upper side of the river is something to really talk about.

With spectacular annapurna mountain views, crystal clear water and a beautiful gorge adorned with a suspension bridge and prayer flags, the upper seti river is not to be missed for kayaking in nepal. Adventure lovers have the opportunity to face grade III and IV and enjoy the exotic views here.

Conclusion: nepal is really a paradise for adventure travelers. So if you haven't decided to visit this small himalayan country yet, it's time to plan a trip.

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