Kotor nightlife

Kotor is one of the cities with the most diverse nightlife in montenegro, especially among the costal cities. As in any coastal city, during the summer season night life is very rich, this is the case with kotor too. Out of consideration for the other coastal cities where the summer season, the nightlife is not so well known with many clubs, bars and discos opening, kotor is definitely the city with the best nightlife in montenegro.

Bars, pubs, clubs and discos of kotor are very popular in montenegro, and people from other cities travel to kotor just to have fun in kotor old town, where most of the places are located.

Cezar bar, as it name suggests, represents one of the most powerful and luxurious bars in kotor old town. Located in the former church from the XVI century cezar, and very nice area, very popular and visited from the outside-also by domicile citizens. In the cezar you can try all kinds of drinks and cocktails, national and traditional. People who visit it, cezar are mostly businessmen and women, with special requirements, especially the you after luxury.


Karampana is the most visited place for young people who during weekends are looking for fun, nice atmosphere and nice music. Karampana is now a brand for this in kotor. This small but very tastefully decorated bar is recommended by in montenegro travel-team for all who are looking for nice time in kotor. The owners of this place are very nice people, friendly and very hospitable, true, "kotorani" citizens of kotor. Kotor citizens are also known as great hosts, nice and warm people. If you want to experience the true spirit of kotor and it's people, visit karampana on weekends.

Trezor bar is one of the oldest in kotor. Trezor for over twenty years offers the good time for its guests. It is a pleasure to guest here. Owner really cares about his guests and always welcomes the decision to visit all his place.

All kinds of drinks, cocktails, combined with friendly atmosphere and beautiful music make trezor a nice place to be.

When pub dock was opened, it took many guests there and for a very short time, it became the most popular place to go to. Most other place are well attended during weekends, but dock pub is visited all weekdays except sundays. Pub dock offer very large types of drinks and cocktails, but especially beer. Atmosphere in the pub dock is very nice and charming. This place is safe for you, is worthy to visit more time.

The biggest, the most beautiful, the most luxurious, the best visited and prime place to be visited in montenegro if you are looking for a nice evening out. Maximus is a popular place not only for montenegro citizens, many tourists visit kotor and montenegro, mainly because of the magnificent disco. Stock of three areas with different music and proposes, with a main part in three floors and 8 bars. Maximus is a symbol of the night life in montenegro. Definitely a place to visit.


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