Internship abroad after graduating from high school

You have your high school diploma in your pocket and want to gain some work experience before you continue with your studies or training? Many high school graduates decide to do an internship after school, which is much more exciting in sunny sydney or hip vancouver. With an internship abroad you can find out in which area you would like to develop further and travel the world at the same time. Go abroad for two to twelve months and perfect your english skills along the way. We offer you three countries where you can do an internship directly after graduating from high school.

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internship abroad Canada, Vancouver, skyline, harbor

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Internship abroad – this is how it works

Of course, an internship on the other side of the world needs to be well prepared. We help you with your application, find an internship according to your wishes, support you with the visa application and are at your side the whole time. Even after your departure, we are always there for you and you can reach us at any time via a 24-hour emergency number. Of course, you will also have a contact person on site who will be happy to help you with questions about setting up your account, finding an apartment, and other issues. Especially at the beginning a good support is important, so you have the possibility to participate in introductory events and social events. This way you will meet other interns, explore the city and feel right at home.

Advantages of an after-school internship abroad:

Also possible for high school graduates

Wide range of industries and fields

Test out your career aspirations and continue your education

Volunteer work in the form of projects is possible

Many international contacts and friendships for life

Improve your chances on the job market

Marketing, finance or social work?

We help you to find your way

For all destinations we offer internships in different fields and industries, depending on your skills and interests. Maybe you play with the idea to study business administration? Then an internship abroad in the field of marketing or business development would be just the thing. You can also try out social professions by doing voluntary internships in elementary schools, kindergartens or animal shelters.

For detailed information on individual program requirements and benefits, check out the respective internship australia, internship new zealand and internship canada pages

New zealand, australia or canada? Off to the other side of the world

For your internship abroad adventure, you can choose from these incredibly great cities.

Auckland, the largest and most diverse city in new zealand, offers you a colorful mix of city life and closeness to nature. Don't be surprised if your new zealand colleagues invite you to go sailing, climbing or barbecuing on the weekends, the open and friendly mentality of the kiwis is world famous. In your free time you should take the opportunity to discover the beautiful surroundings. A trip to hobbiton, a glacier hike or even a bungee jump? New zealand is a mecca for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts, so you'll never be bored.

Sydney, the metropolis on the east coast of australia, convinces with dream beaches, some of the most beautiful sights in the world and a lively music scene. Surf a round after work or climb the harbour bridge on the weekend? Sydney offers you a new adventure every day. Your new colleagues will greet you in the morning with a "G'day mate" and take you to a real aussie barbecue called a "barbie". In addition, your travel possibilities in australia are endless. A tour in the outback, feeding dolphins in monkey mia, snorkeling in the great barrier reef or exploring the largest sand island in the world – you will hardly be able to decide. Sporting events are also very popular with australians and no stay is perfect without seeing a cricket or australian football match in the stadium.

Vancouver, the vibrant city in western canada, is considered one of the most livable places in the world. The many cafes, restaurants with delicacies from all over the world and the spacious parks will also inspire you. Due to the incomparable location between the sea and the mountains, there is a variety of recreational opportunities. Within a few hours you are in the middle of the wild nature of canada, on one of the surrounding islands or in a world famous ski resort. How about a short trip to the USA?? All this you can do in your free time or before or during your stay. Explore after your internship. Whether you are a city person or a nature lover, vancouver has something to offer for everyone. Also, since canadians are considered one of the friendliest nations in the world, you will have no trouble making friends for life.

Our tip: helpful information on financing

We have already done a little research for you and compiled a list of funding opportunities for which you can apply, regardless of your field of study. Here you can find tips for financing.

I am totally satisfied with my internship. The radio is not commercial, "normal" radio. The program is made by many volunteers who then each produce their show. There are 5 people working as permanent staff responsible for things like finances, members, program coordination or technology.

Internship Canada, Field Report, Radio

It is really an ideal internship for me, because the people are very friendly and I am involved in many things. So I can get a lot of experience in different areas. I have been on air a few times and am a regular on some of the programs.

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