Current time Malta & tips for a good time in Malta

The time in malta is in the central european summer time (CEST) zone.

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So late it is now in malta

Time zone, central european summer time (CEST)

Have a good time in malta with these tips


Malta diving time Sheenswurdigkeiten tourism

The clear blue waters of the mediterranean sea off the islands of malta are ideal for diving. All three islands offer some unique diving experiences. The many reefs, caves and wrecks make diving here one of the most interesting places in the mediterranean sea.

The calm and clarity of the sea makes for excellent visibility. The risk of encountering dangerous fish is extremely low. This creates the ultimate conditions for beginners. For experienced divers there are many challenging dives to choose from.

Dive depths vary widely. The very shallow 12 meter ghar lapsi dive to the lantern point to underwater tunnels that lead to depths well over 50 meters.

There are different types of diving courses and activities offered by licensed diving schools. Divers must fill out a medical form certifying their eligibility. All schools offer the service of a doctor to certify eligibility, for a nominal fee. Certificates from other countries are valid as long as a copy is presented to the diving center.

Divers who wish to go on an unaccompanied dive must have a buddy. To do this you must have a PADI advanced open water or equivalent certification from other agencies. It is always recommended to contact the diving center where you can find out in which places you can dive regardless of the weather conditions and experience.


Malta clock time St. Johns Co Cathedral

The cathedral, considered the first complete example of the high baroque, embodies the role of its original donors, the knights of st. John.

The cathedral is a testimony to the talent of the maltese military architect gerolamo cassar. Mattia preti's intricately carved stone walls and the painted ceilings and side altars will perfectly reflect the scenes from the life of st. John to be shown. The cathedral also houses one of europe's most impressive and famous works of art, caravaggio's beheading of st. John.

The cathedral was a shrine to the knights. Here lie many sons of european noble families from the 12th century. Up to 18. Buried in the seventeenth century. Her intricate marbled tombstones form a magnificently crafted pavilion. His tomb is in the crypt, a quiet sanctuary and place of reflection away from the streets.


Fort rinella was built by the british in 1878. In the 19. In the nineteenth century, artillery was considered the most advanced machine of war. Powered by steam-driven hydraulics, the giant 100-ton cannon could be fired every six minutes. It fired a 1-ton bullet up to a distance of eight miles. The projectile could penetrate up to 65 cm of ship's armor!

At fort rinella was one of the four 100-ton cannons. These were built in malta and gibraltar to protect the harbors. These fortresses were necessitated by the construction of powerful battleships. Both had four 100-ton guns installed on revolving turrets. At that time great britain used the mediterranean as a route to india. But there were fears that italy's growing naval power could affect the balance of power in the region.

The 100-ton cannon was first developed for italy by british inventor sir william george armstrong. The cannon was the largest muzzle-loading cannon ever built in the world. It has a caliber of 45 cm and is 11m long. It shot an esplosive elongated projectile with a quarter of a ton of black powder. The cost of each shot fired was the equivalent of 2 salaries.700 soldiers!


Banner Poker Casinos in Malta

Everyone needs to have an evening flutter now and then. And there is no better time than on vacation. Malta has several excellent casinos. The casinos in malta offer all the well-known games, but on a smaller scale than you might know from las vegas. Here is info about playing blackjack in the casinos in malta.

Malta is also a popular place for poker tournaments. For example the malta poker festival.

This huge poker festival, held over 6 days in november, brings together many different nationalities to enjoy several poker tournaments. The amazing and vibrant local poker community is waiting to give all players a great time. Satellites available before the event, leading to a monster no limit hold'em grand event with a guaranteed prize pool of 500.000 € lead. More about poker in malta is also available on poker-trip.De.

And malta has a gigantic monopoly on sports betting, at least in the EU. Many sports betting operators have settled on the island and have their main base there. The MGA (malta gaming authority) ensures that all gambling operators in malta comply with EU requirements. If they would not do that then the license would be revoked and therefore the sports betting would fall away. That's why malta is home to many betting companies. If you do not want to lose money on sports betting then check out the sports betting tips at xbet.Tips to!

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