6 Tips for Planning a Group Trip

The next trip is coming up, the whatsapp group has been created, but no one has really gotten going yet?! Especially when traveling in a larger group, organization is key. We've put together six helpful tips for planning a group trip that are sure to make your next group trip a success! 🙂

Nantucket is a popular vacation destination during the summer months. This is the time of year when the weather is ideal for summer biking, boating and relaxing. But it's very crowded, traffic is congested and room rates are at their highest. The winter season is quite cold, but the room rates are the lowest and there are several pleasant vacation festivals. However, most businesses close in january and february. The best times to visit nantucket are during the spring months of march and april and during the fall months of september and october. The crowds and traffic are gone; temperatures are cooler and prices for many things are reasonable. Photo: heather-wissman / fotolia

Nantucket weather and temperature by month

Kepler Track in New Zealand

Islands, volcanoes, national parks, mountains and sea – the natural paradise of new zealand has this and much more to offer. If you want to hike and enjoy secluded nature, new zealand's 700+ islands are for you. But when is actually the best time to travel to new zealand? In this article you will find information and tips about the climate and weather of the country.

The time in malta is in the central european summer time (CEST) zone.

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VPN (virtual private network) services are very popular these days. Simply put, a VPN encrypts your data and protects it when you use the internet. Since many companies offer this service, it is advisable to establish clear criteria for your search. The same advice applies if you want to use a VPN for personal use or integrate it with a business VPS windows server. Before you choose a VPN host, consider these 5 features.

Without any ifs and buts, the batu caves are one of the greatest highlights kuala lumpur has to offer. The gigantic cave complex has captivated us not only once. We were there three times during our four-week trip to kuala lumpur and were able to experience hinduism first hand.

What makes the caves so unique, how you can easily get there and what you should not miss, we tell you now in our article.

The alhambra is one of spain's and europe's most important sights and should not be missed during your trip to andalusia. The UNESCO world heritage site towers proudly over granada and can also be admired and photographed from other parts of the city.

Especially from the opposite neighborhood albaicin, which is also located on another hill above the old town of granada, you will get an insane view of the alhambra. Even with the mighty and often snow-capped mountains of the sierra nevada in the background.

9 Top Tips for Mexico

A little tip: it is much more than beaches!

Mexico is home to vibrant culture, salsa and, of course, tacos. The landscapes of this country are constantly changing and are simply incredible. Many see a vacation in mexico as just an all-inclusive beach vacation, which of course it can be. But the country also offers so much excitement for adventurers. Here are our top tips for mexico!

Banana mountain ye: trip to ko yin lay little visited highlight in the south of myanmar

Banana mountain, or banana hill, is the most famous landmark in the vicinity of the town of ye and a unique destination in southern myanmar that is absolutely worth visiting! The banana mountain (burmese: ko yin lay) is a gigantic temple and monastery complex, which impressed my friend and me because of its unusual charm and the pure gigantism.

You can't expect a real mountain at ko yin lay, according to our burmese driver the name banana mountain or banana hill probably comes from the original appearance of the place before the construction of the temple complex started.

Fall colors on leaves reflected on a lake in the foreground

Marshmallows are roasting, corn is ready to harvest, and everything is flavored pumpkin spice – but where should you travel for your autumn getaway?