Sustainable hotels: supporting development with luxury south africa travel

sustainable hotels in south africa

Sustainable tourism is a great opportunity for development. This was also confirmed by the international year of sustainable tourism for development 2017, proclaimed in the framework of the UN agenda 2030. Sustainable tourism promotes economic growth, helps reduce poverty, and creates awareness for preserving cultural and environmental riches.

Even when the titanic had already hit the iceberg, the message was still: "stay calm, return to your cabin. The titanic cannot sink at all." What to think of this statement, we all know. The dramatic events on the titanic have been told repeatedly. But how does the titanic look today? The artist yadegar asisi answers this question with a spectacular 360 degree panoramic image showing the sunken titanik. It can still be seen throughout 2017 at the panometer leipzig. We went diving and took a look at asisi's titanic exhibition.

6 Alternatives for a Unique Christmas

A new year, another christmas. To all of you christmas grumpies out there, it's that time of year again. Christmas time is coming! And you will say: again. But this year will be different, because now you have us. We show you some alternatives for a unique christmas that will get your holiday spirit going. If you happen to be part of the small segment of the population that doesn't love traditional christmas, then what's coming up is definitely a MUST see!

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Kotor is one of the cities with the most diverse nightlife in montenegro, especially among the costal cities. As in any coastal city, during the summer season night life is very rich, this is the case with kotor too. Out of consideration for the other coastal cities where the summer season, the nightlife is not so well known with many clubs, bars and discos opening, kotor is definitely the city with the best nightlife in montenegro.

Bars, pubs, clubs and discos of kotor are very popular in montenegro, and people from other cities travel to kotor just to have fun in kotor old town, where most of the places are located.