I have heard from many that it had always been their dream to go abroad and that they had already planned it at least a whole year in advance. With me it was different. I made my decision rather spontaneously and also only half a year in advance. Why? I do not know it also so exactly. I think maybe because I witnessed how a good friend of mine experienced a successful year in the U.S. But probably also because I could use a change in my old life. Besides, I always wanted to improve my english. In any case, I then researched on the internet on the subject of student exchange. And that's how I got on the world citizen scholarship to new zealand. I applied – and even got it! 🙂 I've never been more proud of myself than I am at this point in time.
So far so good. The next 6 months went by very fast with all the preparations and my excitement. And yet sometimes I thought to myself, why are you doing this?? It is still not too late to cancel the exchange! But these are just little panic thoughts. 😉 I wanted to pull it off for myself and also for everyone else.

After the sauna a little rest on the sun terrace with view to the omeshorn, the local mountain of lech. The sky is blue, cloudless, there is a light breeze. As soon as I sit down, I am handed a blanket in case I get chilly.

This is one of the moments that spontaneously come to mind when I am later asked what the difference is between a good or very good hotel and a five-star superior like the aurelio in lech am arlberg.

Belgrade? Weekend-trip? Vacation? – these question marks appeared over many heads, whom I told that I was flying to belgrade for four days for a vacation. I also had some prejudices in my mental luggage, but all of them were completely dispelled by one of the greatest cities I've ever been to!

To do #1: A flight with air serbia

No matter if you fly with austrian airlines or with the almost cult air serbia, you can reach belgrade within one and a half hours by a direct flight from vienna. The plane is relatively small, so only approx. 80 people can sit in it. In row 5 you have a great view on the propellers of the plane and because of the low altitude you can see a lot of the landscape. It feels a bit like time travel to a less modern, but thoroughly charming era.