Oh. Wat leuk. Sokken! Ah no.. Had je niet moeten doen: een kadobon! Klinkt sof de feestdagen er weer aankomen. Verras die fanatieke reiziger nou eens met iets origineels. Iets waarmee het reizen nog leuker wordt. Of met een practical "travel gear", zodat reizen net wat comfortabeler wordt.

Maar waar vind je die leuke spulletjes? Heel simpel: bij ik wil meer reizen! All cadeaus op reisgebied op een plek. Van handige travel gear tot grappige cadeautjes voor een reiziger. Wij zetten de allerleukste reiscadeaus voor je op een rijtje.

Many visitors explore chicago in the summer. There are lots of festivals, but there are also crowds; the weather is quite hot and humid; and hotels are raising their room rates. Winter time brings very cold weather, but if you don't mind and are interested in indoor activities, room rates are the most reasonable. Spring is the best time to visit chicago. Weather is temperate from april to may, but it can be a bit unpredictable – some days are warm, others are cool. Autumn is also considered one of the best times to visit the city. From september to late october, temperatures are warm and hotel prices are reasonable. Photo: haveseen / fotolia

Chicago weather and temperature by month

Shortly before the start of the vacations, I would like to ask the following question: how do you actually prepare for a vacation trip?? What is the best way to do that or do you have to prepare at all? Isn't it enough just to go on vacation/drive/fly?

Salt air, water games and wellness in franconia: bad kissingen is one of ten "great spa towns of europe". What you can do there? Relaxing in the kisssalis therme, hiking in the hills of the rhon, cycling through the vineyards or marveling at the splendid architecture of the bathing resort. And breathe healthy salt air at the franconian saale – like at the seaside.

Grand hotel. Imperial courtyard. Victoria. Admittedly, such names raise the expectations quite high. And indeed: the amazement already starts in the foyer. Stucco ceilings, spotless white walls that visually multiply the room with mirrors and cozy sitting areas that spread up to the bar, a few steps above. The hotel kaiserhof victoria in bad kissingen lives up to its name.

With winter sports I can do nothing, but really nothing at all. I still remember darkly, when I learned over 20 years ago to my then boyfriend to love the skiing. Somehow he and his clique were on skis for the whole winter. Clearly, I wanted to belong to it. But as soon as the relationship with the harti was over, the boards were hanging on the famous nail again. Nevertheless, I have been enthusiastic about snowshoeing for a few years now. In the bavarian forest, mr. Wallygusto and I find optimal conditions for our favorite winter sport.

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Our book tip of the month lets you discover food, drink and cooking in a whole new way

Food and drink

Food & drink infographics is a visual guide to culinary delights by simone klabin and julius wiedemann

Have you ever wondered how many types of cheese there are and where they come from? Or which knife is suitable for which purpose and what exactly is the process of making coffee? Know when a martini is really dry as dust? Food & drink infographics answers all of these questions in a visual as well as humorous way. From history, to food as well as kitchen utensils and drinks, everything is covered in this slightly different cookbook.

Tokyo, japan is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Summer brings many visitors at least partly because many schools have breaks. This brings crowds and high room rates during the hottest and most humid time of the year. Winter is cool, but usually not cold in tokyo. There are few crowds and room rates are low, but part of tokyo's charm is the beauty of its seasons, and winter is not a nice time of year in tokyo. Autumn is the best time to visit tokyo, japan, as the weather is pleasant and the foliage is beautiful. Spring time sees pleasant weather and memorable flower blooms including the famous cherry trees. Photo: torsakarin / fotolia

Tokyo weather and temperature by month

He is a multiple barbecue vice world champion and has developed his own style, which he calls – nomen est omen – "tom style". His book "wintergrillen" has long been part of the canon of barbecue aficionados. "Roast ́n roll forever" is the name of another of his six works, the title of which sums up his professional ethos. For tom heinzle, grilling is an artistic performance.

The trained mechanical engineer and culinary hedonist discovered his love for the culinary arts early on. His mother inspired him when he was a teenager. He developed his first own creations at the age of 20. Today, dishes such as fish with black pudding or beet with parmesan are among them – on the grill, of course. Nevertheless, he doesn't always put meat and sausage on the grill. "Before I eat any meat, I'd rather eat something vegetarian," heinzle clarifies. Reason enough for him to always include an intermediate course for non-carnivores in his seminars.

Whether studying, student exchange, au pair, language trip or work & travel. A longer stay abroad always looks good on the resume. And educates. But before you get started, good preparation is the name of the game.
For this reason, the european consumer centre (ECC) germany has expanded its "APP to EU countries" to include long-term stays. In many new features young people get u. A. Answers to the following questions:

Living and working abroad for the first time can be hugely intimidating.However, the benefits far outweigh the anxiety.Opportunities to broaden your perspective, become a global citizen and gain unique work experiences are just a few of the benefits that can come from working abroad.