Camping in the rain: important tips for you

Camping in the rain: important tips for you

10 tips for camping in continuous rain

Camping in the rain can be a real pain in the ass. Don't worry – it's all a matter of attitude 😉 here are 10 valuable tips on how not to grow webbed feet even on a camping vacation in continuous rain.

Continuous rain camping tip 1: get out of the tent!

Outside it is worse than you thought and the next deluge has broken over the earth? Don't! Especially if you have already been in the tent for several days, drizzle drops on the tent wall sound like a really nasty continuous rain. Nothing lulls you more than having to put up with rain pelting down on your tent for a long time while camping.

Therefore, go out every now and then – do not just look out from the tent, because often appearances are deceptive – and if you and your trekking travel partner have lost the desire to trek in all the rain, there is certainly a city nearby. Maybe go to the swimming pool or shopping? Oh yes! Best of all, of course, to the trekking business.

Permanent rain camping tip 2: pitching the tent correctly

Especially with tents that consist of an inner tent and a water-repellent outer tent, a lax setup can lead to real water penetrations. This happens exactly when the outer tent touches the inner tent – especially wind and storm do their part here.

But you can easily avoid this if you set up your tent properly:

  • Anchor pegs well and secure with large stones if necessary
  • Tie down the outer tent well with the tent cords
  • Tighten the tent cords at regular intervals (it's best to check them once every time you leave the tent)
  • For cracks in the tent wall have repair materials with you

And in case the gusts of wind really bend your tent – don't panic! As long as you have bought a good tent and set it up correctly, nothing serious should happen and the camping adventure can continue.

Tip 3: find the best place for the tent

Location, location, location… Not only in real estate is the right location trumps – especially in continuous rain, the choice of the right campsite is important. Here's what to look for when choosing your campsite:

  • Avoid hollows – otherwise your tent will suddenly be standing in the middle of a small lake
  • It is best to camp on sandy ground, where the water can drain off well
  • Beware of streams – they can turn into torrents if it rains for several days
  • On campsites: camp as close as possible to the buildings (toilets, washroom) and a solid road
  • Is there a place that protects your tent from wind and storm gusts?
  • If necessary, build a footbridge on the last few meters from the road to the tent with boards, reeds or branches – that way you don't have to trudge through the mud

For a single night camping is almost any place ok. If you have to survive several days of continuous rain in your tent, only the best place is good enough for your tent.

Continuous rain camping tip 4: the right lighting for the tent

If camping in a tent for several days, the glaring neon light from headlamps can be quite corrosive. Much more comfortable: a fireproof tent lantern with wick and oil.

But beware: candles, stoves and any other kind of open flame are life-threatening in the tent, because the tent fabric can easily catch fire and so can you! So, go out of the tent for cooking and stay away from candles in the tent!


Tip 5: provide good entertainment in the tent

In a – admittedly somewhat bizarre – way, several days in a tent with the right people can also be a very memorable experience. When else do you have the opportunity to talk so extensively with the feeling that time has completely stopped?

A portable radio and playing cards weigh practically nothing and are worth their weight in gold in such a situation; a cell phone with backgammon and chess is simply divine.

Continuous rain camping tip 6: keep order in the tent

Being trapped in a small tent for several days in a cramped space in the rain can really wear on your nerves. Even more so when several tent occupants scatter their things wildly in the area and the tent slowly sinks into total chaos. That's why everything should have its fixed place in the tent:

  • The headlamps always go to the same place, where they are immediately – for example at night for a walk to the toilet – ready to hand
  • Unused laundry is best stored in your backpack
  • Stow food in a fixed place – and above all, beware of crumbs and leftovers
  • Each tent occupant has his fixed place and his fixed area

Especially during several days of continuous rain, order in the tent can save friendships!

Tip 7: ensure ventilation in the tent

Everyone exhales water with their breath, which increases the humidity in the tent. But also because of the smell a good ventilation creates a better tent atmosphere. Every tent has extra ventilation windows – but in a pinch you can just leave the zipper of the inner tent open a few centimeters.

Steady rain camping tip 8: dry damp items

Should you nevertheless get an item wet that you absolutely need in the tent (for example your sleeping bag), you can possibly get it dry again in the drying room of the campsite. This trick is not quite popular with camping site owners, but effective: the hot air from the hand dryer on the toilet.

Down sleeping bags lose a large part of their insulating capacity with moisture – therefore a down sleeping bag must be absolutely dry if you want to sleep in it. Especially in cold weather!

Tip 9: leave wet items in the awning

Wet shoes, overpants and jackets will bring moisture into your tent – and onto your sleeping bag if the water continuously drips off of it. Therefore better leave all wet items in the awning. How to keep your tent always fluffy and dry. Tip: in case of gross violation of this rule, send the delinquent to the punishment tea boiling in front of the tent. Wet items in your tent are your worst enemy when camping!

Steady rain camping tip 10: use a groundsheet

A groundsheet is not just for material-loving expedition tent owners: several millimeters of indestructible PVC film between your tent and the wet ground form an insurmountable barrier for water – and protect your tent floor against sharp objects. When camping in continuous rain, nothing beats a groundsheet!

Even bad weather will not deter you from going camping? Super! Grab a camping travel partner and let's go! From adventure vacation travel partners to hiking travel partners – with us you will certainly find what you are looking for. Maybe you send this article also to your festival travel partner, because there some of these tips could be also sometimes very useful.

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