Camping in the NP Una; secret destination for camper and camping tents

If you're looking for new adventures and something a little different, a visit to una national park is an absolute hit. Visitors with camper vans and camping tents are welcome. Here you will be offered beautiful nature, pleasant campsites, friendly hosts and affordable prices.

Where is the una national park?

The park is located in the northwest of bosnia, on the border with croatia.

It is named after the river una, which flows through this area. The entire course of the una river is suitable for camping, rafting, fishing, hiking and other activities, so you are not limited to the national park area only.

There are many reasons to visit this area. The 26 meters high waterfall štrbacki buk is definitely worth a visit. The waterfall reminds of the waterfalls of plitvice lakes in croatia, which is not surprising since it is only 40 kilometers away from plitvice lake.

Campsites in una national park (camper and tents)

Google maps shows 11 campsites in the una river basin, 4 of which are in the national park. Campsites outside the national park are also worth a visit. Look at the map below with marked campsites. It should be noted that there are nbch some camps that are not yet shown on the google map.

We have visited the following campsites on the river una

Every year new campsites for caravans and tents are opened in this area. There is also a wide selection of vacation homes.

We particularly like the following camps:

Camp colony


The camp is fenced and your tent or caravan are safe here.

All day long one of the responsible persons is available in the camp – good communication with the guests is important here.

The place is ideal for living and working with young people, groups and organizations, but also for active vacations for families, sportsmen, cyclists, bikers, fishermen and nature lovers.

More about camp colony you can find on this link.

Una RC kiro rafting (camping)

camping kiro raft bosnia 2

Una RC kiro rafting is registered as a three-star accommodation facility with restaurant and offers accommodation services in campsites, rooms and apartments.

The area is covered with green grass, perfect for pitching your tent and spending beautiful nights.

More about una RC kiro campsite at this link.

Una kamp


Una kamp is a lovingly maintained campsite along the emerald green una river in bosnia and herzegovina. If you are looking for a quiet, clean camp with beautiful nature, this is the right place for you.

Arrival to the national park una

Camping on the river una is most often reached by caravan or car. There are also 3 airports within 200 km that you can use.

The visit by train is possible only from bosnia and herzegovina, for example from mostar, sarajevo, banja luka.

By camper / car

For entering bosnia and herzegovina with a motorhome, depending on the direction you are coming from, there are several smaller and larger border crossings nearby.

We recommend the border crossing licko petrovo selo (izacic), if you are coming from the direction of plitvice lakes or from the direction of the croatian coast.

If you come from the direction of zagreb, go to the border crossing maljevac. Both are international border crossings and are suitable for all vehicles.

It is important that you do not forget your passport, as it must be shown when entering bosnia and herzegovina.

If you are visiting plitvice lakes, you can also visit una national park, because the distance is only 42 KM and the drive takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The travel time also depends on the date of travel. During the summer months, expect waiting times at the border between croatia and bosnia, especially on friday afternoon (when entering bosnia) or on sunday when exiting the country.

Road distance between some cities in D,A,CH and NP una:

  • – NP una = 704 KM. The journey takes approx. 10 hours by car.
  • Vienna – NP una = 530 KM, approx. 7 hours of rafting.
  • Graz – NP una = 347 KM, ca. 5 hours.
  • Zurich – NP una – 970 KM, approx. 12 hours.

By plane

There are low budget flights to banja luka with ryanair, from where you can go to NP una by car / camper or bus (174 KM, about 3 hours).

There are also cheap flights to zadar (croatia), from where you can get to NP una by car / womo or bus. The distance is approx. 170 KM and the journey takes approx. 3 hours

If you are traveling by car or RV from western european countries, use one of the three border crossings at the border with croatia:

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