Bunq business account – metal card and earn interest

bunq business account

The bunq business account is issued by the bank of the free. The dutch financial institution advertises that it only makes ethical investments. Every bank has to make investments in order to exist. At the same time bunq refrains from questionable experiments and makes only sustainable investments. As an account holder, you have a say in what projects the money goes to at any given time.

Bunq business, as the business account is called, is a mobile managed business account. So you manage it in an app. Of course, you get a mastercard and virtual credit cards, which are included in the account maintenance fee. As with bunq's private account, your balance earns interest.

Who can apply for the bunq business account?

It is possible for a variety of self-employed persons and also companies to apply for a bunq business account. The app is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized businesses. However, it is also possible for self-employed persons and freelancers to open a business account. Approved business forms are:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Freelancer
  • Self-employed and the
  • Registered businessman (e.K.)

In the case of companies

Possible. The largest corporation that can apply for a bunq business account is the limited liability company (gmbh). Both company forms, the UG and the gmbh, can also open a corresponding business account as a company in formation.

What does the bunq business account cost?

Account management fees are charged for the bunq business account. At the same time you get a great benefit.

There are two account models, whereby these differ only slightly. For bunq easy money business monthly fees of 10,99 euro are charged. With this account you create up to 25 sub-accounts, each of which receives its own german IBAN. Real-time transfers are charged at 11 cents per payment. However, international payments cost 5 euro. A direct debit costs 11 cents per payment.

In addition to the bunq easy money business account for 10.99 euros, there is the bunq easy green business. For this a monthly fee of 20,99 euro is charged. The services are the same as those of the "small" business account. There is only one exception:

The issuance of a metal credit card, the so-called bunq metal card.

Which credit cards are issued with the bunq business account?

You get the bunq business credit cards in batches. The same criteria apply here as for the bunq private account. Up to three payment cards are issued free of charge with the opening of the account. These are a maestro card, a debit mastercard and a bunq travel card.

You can create 5 virtual cards for online payments. For both business accounts you can even get a metal card. This metal credit card is not a classic credit card, but also a debit card. This means that all sales are immediately collected from the bunq business account.

What does the bunq metal credit card cost?

The bunq credit cards are included in the respective account plans. You only have to pay extra for the bunq metal card. But what does this card cost?

In principle, you can get a metal payment card with any of the two bunq accounts. The amount of the one-time additional payment depends on the respective account. With the bunq easy money business you have to pay the monthly basic fee for 24 months in advance. For the premium account, the bunq easy green business, it is sufficient to make the first 12 months of the basic fee as a one-time payment.

So if you pay 251 euro in one go with the easy money business, you get a nice metal mastercard and don't have to pay a monthly fee for the next twelve months. With bunq easy money business, the "small" business account, the transfer amount is the same, but now you don't have to set up a monthly fee for the next two years.

What does the additional designation green mean?

The bunq easy green account costs more because the basic fee is higher.
The money is then used to support various sustainability projects, z.B. Trees planted.

Is it possible to withdraw cash from the account?

Yes of course! To withdraw cash from the bunq business account, you simply use the associated mastercard.

As in the private version, the first 4 cash withdrawals at the ATM are free of charge. After that, a fee of 99 cents per transaction is charged.

Is there an overdraft facility and is an overdraft possible??

No, this function is unfortunately not available with the bunq business account. But "unfortunately" actually means that debt is not possible. Since the account is credit-based, you do not get an overdraft, but also no schufa query is carried out. So you can safely apply for the business account without schufa.

Is there interest on the bunq business account?

Yes. It pays 0.27% in interest. So if you have a balance in your account all the time, it's earning interest. There's no harm in having a liquid balance anyway, although there are better options as an investment.

Except for fees, the business account is no different from bunq easy money personal.

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