Bremerhaven with children: Relaxed tour of the Havenwelten

Vacation planned with children? Bremerhaven is a great city to visit for a city break with kids. Because in bremerhaven with children there are all kinds of things to discover and experience. This is why bremerhaven is always on our travel list!

Effortlessly combine adventure and history in this city and all these discoveries can then be explored completely by foot. Because everything is close together in the havenwelten bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven vacation with children

Bremerhaven vacation with children: there is much to discover!

Good 113.000 people live in bremerhaven. Therefore, the city is also considered the only large city on the north sea and that, although the sea is actually still a few kilometers away.

Water is nevertheless omnipresent in bremerhaven, if only because the city is located directly on the weser and can look back on a long maritime port history.

Bremerhaven is completely framed by the state of lower saxony. Officially, however, the city belongs to the state of bremen.

It seems that bremerhaven is reinventing itself in the last few years. Always and constantly being built and redesigned. That is why there are many different, very attractive leisure activities for the whole family in this lively port city.

Bremerhaven with children

5 x bremerhaven for kids & families

Bremerhaven is really a worthwhile destination for families. There is a wide range of leisure and adventure activities on offer and it is also worth mentioning that the entrance fees & prices for gastronomic services and overnight stays in the city are mostly very moderate and family-friendly.

Curious about what you should not miss as a family in bremerhaven, around the very beautifully designed havenwelten bremerhaven?

We have compiled our top discoveries and ideas for a vacation in bremerhaven with children in this article.

Bremerhaven sights children

German emigration center bremerhaven

Germany looks back on a long history. This history also includes a large emigrant flow that began about 300 years ago.

One of the major ports in germany from which emigrants departed was bremerhaven.

The german emigration house in bremerhaven shows vividly how people traveled back then. What they took upon themselves to start a "better" life in the brave new world (argentina, north america, brazil or australia).

Attention: at the start of the tour through the german emigration center bremerhaven you have to decide whether you choose the boarding pass for immigrants or emigrants! Of course you can also go both ways. Maybe the family members will split up as well!

If you follow the tour in this somewhat different, very vivid and lively museum, you will climb aboard a ship with the emigrants and get a glimpse into the cramped quarters on board.

Tip: take at least 4 hours for the tour through the german emigration house bremerhaven.

We were able to listen to personal biographies and at the end of the tour we also watched some films of the immigrants.

The rooms, which are furnished true to the original, really transport the visitor to another era. Who would like, which can investigate also directly in the museum after its family.

Were there perhaps also emigrants in the own family?

Bremerhaven for children

Have we passed the immigration test?

Of course we also did the immigrant test from when we arrived in new york. And what can I say, YES – we have passed. All in all, a very exciting tour, for which the museum received the european museum of the year award in 2007.

German immigration house bremerhaven – www.Dah-bremerhaven.En / open daily. 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. (in winter until 5 p.M.) / admission: family tickets 42 euros (discounted: 30 euros) / address: columbusstrabe 65, 27568 bremerhaven

Bremerhaven with children

Klimahaus bremerhaven 8° east – A love letter to the planet

A first advice in advance. Who invites children to the klimahaus bremerhaven, should really take a day (5 to 7 hours).

In the climate house you really start to a world trip and directly on the 8 degree of longitude. Said 8 degree of longitude leads directly through bremerhaven.

The guest in the klimahaus bremerhaven wanders through the mountains, over meadows, as well as through the desert, through ice and snow or below sea level.

You are on the way on altogether 5.000 square meters, in five climatic zones. You will feel and experience temperatures from minus 6° to plus 35° with humidity or dry heat during your tour.

Museum Bremerhaven Children

On the trail of climate change

Great… Because the klimahaus in bremerhaven can do much more than that. After the world tour, the guest follows the climate change.

How was the climate on our earth in the past and how will it be in the future?? What influence does the climate have on life? How does the weather relate to it? And what we can do for the climate protection?

The different four areas: travel – perspectives – opportunities – offshore center – are spread over about 20.000 square meters.

Everything under one roof, although we often had the feeling during the tour that we were no longer in the klimahaus and certainly not in bremerhaven, so eventful and different are the zones and rooms in the klimahaus.

Climate house bremerhaven – www.Klimahaus-bremerhaven.En / address: am langengrad 8, 27568 bremerhaven / open tagl. 9 am to 7 pm (weekend + winter 10 am to max. 6 p.M.) / admission: family ticket 55 euros / reading tip: our family day at the klimahaus.

Klimahaus Bremerhaven Children

Zoo by the sea in bremerhaven

All children like zoos – or?! 🙂 so actually, in almost every city we visit, we also visit the zoo that is located there.

The zoo in bremerhaven is really something special, because it is located directly at the waterfront. Overall, it is a small zoo, which is also thematically somewhat on the theme of water.

Who likes can take over also an animal sponsorship in the zoo at the sea. Goes from 50 euros z.B. For a rabbit up to 2.500 euro for a polar bear. More information about the sponsorship at the zoo am meer.

Besides cheeky penguins, who enjoy their appearance in front of humans, seals, monkeys, rabbits, ducks, snakes, owls and turtles are also among the inhabitants. The secret stars of the zoo am meer in bremerhaven are probably the polar bears. In december 2013, they even had offspring, in the form of a polar bear girl with the wonderful name "lale".

Leisure activities for children Bremerhaven

Encounters at the zoo by the sea

Altogether there are about 30 different animal species in the bremerhaven zoo. The zoo at the sea is thus small but fine and really super beautifully put on. So you should take a good three to four hours to explore the zoo in bremerhaven.

Zoo by the sea bremerhaven – www.Zoo-am-meer-bremerhaven.En / open daily. 9 am to 7 pm (in winter until mind. 16.30 h) / admission: family ticket 25 euro / address: hermann-henrich-meier-str. 7, 27568 bremerhaven

Zoo by the Sea Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven from above: viewing platform sail city

We always like to take a look at the respective city from above during our city trips. In bremerhaven, a visit to the observation deck of the ATLANTIC hotel sails city is recommended. With more than 140 meters the ATLANCIT HOTEL is the highest building in bremerhaven.

You can find the viewing platform SAIL city bremerhaven in the 20. And 21. Floor of the hotel of the same name. It is located at a height of about 86 meters.

The panoramic view over bremerhaven from up there is breathtakingly beautiful. From the platform you have a great view over the havenwelten®, to the uberseehafen and the fischreihafen. With a good view you can even make out the mouth of the weser into the north sea.

Viewing platform sail city bremerhaven / open daily. In summer 9 am to 9 pm – in winter 10 am to 5 pm / admission: family ticket 11 euros / address: am strom 1, 27568 bremerhaven

Bremerhaven from above

Bremerhaven museum: children discover history & ships

Despite the special experience museums in bremerhaven such as klimahaus and auswandererhaus, one should of course not overlook the classic museums on the harbor edge of bremerhaven, such as the german maritime museum or also the bremerhaven historical museum.

Bremerhaven maritime museum

The maritime museum in bremerhaven is even the national maritime museum in germany. By the way, the museum is not only officially one of eight research museums, the museum building in bremerhaven including the museum ship fleet has also been listed since 2005.

German maritime museum bremerhaven – www.Dsm.Museum / open daily. 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. (in winter only tue-sun) / admission: family ticket 14 euros / address: hans-scharoun-platz 1, 27568 bremerhaven

Leisure activities for children Bremerhaven

Historical museum bremerhaven

In the historical museum bremerhaven you go, as in the emigration house, on a journey through time. Whereas this museum is of course about much broader topics than just the journey through time in terms of emigrants and immigrants.

By the way, the museum building is award winning. Just like the historical museum bremerhaven itself. Because it was already nominated in 2000 for the "european museum of the year.

Historical museum bremerhaven – www.Historisches-museum-bremerhaven.En / open tue-sun 10 am to 5 pm / admission: FREE / address: an der geeste, 27570 bremerhaven

Attractions Bremerhaven

Conclusion: bremerhaven activities with children

I hope I could show you how diverse bremerhaven is and what there is to discover as a family and with children.

If you stay longer with and as a family in bremerhaven, you can of course conquer many more corners and places (such as.B. The submarine, a ride on the harbor bus, a sailing trip u.V.M.) and also combine the vacation in the city well with a trip to the north sea beach.

By the way, all the locations we have presented to you in this article also offer special arrangements and rooms for events and functions. From conventions to children's birthday parties or outings with the club.

Bremerhaven wellness tip: off to the weser beach

Finally, we have one more recommendation for you. Our special wellness tip in summer is the weserstrandbad. Because in the middle of bremerhaven, overlooking all the attractions of the city, there is a real city beach. Here you have the possibility to chill in beach chairs, to dream after passing ships or to build sand castles in the beach sand.

Bremerhaven with kids tips


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