Book Club: Food & Drink Infographics – A visual guide to culinary delights

Our book tip of the month lets you discover food, drink and cooking in a whole new way

Food and drink

Food & drink infographics is a visual guide to culinary delights by simone klabin and julius wiedemann

Have you ever wondered how many types of cheese there are and where they come from? Or which knife is suitable for which purpose and what exactly is the process of making coffee? Know when a martini is really dry as dust? Food & drink infographics answers all of these questions in a visual as well as humorous way. From history, to food as well as kitchen utensils and drinks, everything is covered in this slightly different cookbook.

Food and drink

Here the mind eats with

Beautifully arranged, eating makes as well known most fun. But we don't always understand what we're dealing with when it comes to the different ingredients and flavors. The graphics in this book, answer pretty much every culinary question in a simple as well as very original way. Did you know, for example, that there are a total of 12 different varieties of eggplant and that they all belong to the family of fruits and not vegetables?

Start an informative picture journey through the culinary world

With ironic lightness the world of food and gastronomy can be experienced in a new way with colorful and informative pictures. Which glass is still for which drink and how to drink properly to bring out the full flavor? Food groups, recipes as well as a variety of practical tips for epicureans who like to experiment. From everyday information as well as hints to something more exotic like how a microwave ticks and what goes on in your fridge, you'll find everything you need to eat in the book food & drink infographics.

Food and drink


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