Best time to visit Stockholm, Sweden, weather and other travel tips

Stockholm, sweden is a popular destination especially during the summer months. Schools are on break and many families travel to stockholm to see its attractions and enjoy its many events. Summer is the warmest time of the year and hotels are taking advantage by raising their room rates. Despite the crowds and room rates, summer is still the best time to visit stockholm not only for the warm weather, but also because daylight lasts up to 24 hours. Spring and fall are also good times – the weather is cooler, but the crowds and room rates drop. Winter is a good time if you enjoy cold weather, winter sports and pretty christmas decorations. Photo: scanrail / fotolia

Stockholm weather and temperature by month

January is one of stockholm's two coldest months, as the average high and average low temperatures are 30 ° F (-1 ° C) respectively. 23 ° F (-5 ° C) lie. Expect very little daylight throughout the winter season as the average sunshine duration per day barely reaches 2 hours.

In february the average high and average low temperatures remain constant at 30 ° F (-1 ° C) and 23 ° F (-5 ° C), tying january as the coldest month of the year.

March receives the lowest average precipitation of the year with only 26 mm of precipitation expected. Meanwhile, average temperatures rise with the arrival of spring. High temperatures average 37 ° F (3 ° C), while low temperatures average 27 ° F (-3 ° C).

Stockholm weather in april: visitors can expect 8 hours of sunshine per day in april as spring is in full swing. Days are also warmer with an average high temperature rising to 9 ° C. Low temperatures average 34 ° F (1 ° C).

In can the average high and average low temperatures range from 61 ° F (16 ° C) to 43 ° F (6 ° C), making way for the warmer weather of the coming summer season.

June marks the beginning of summer and brings an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day. This is the month with the most sunshine in the year and is accompanied by an average high temperature of 21 ° C (70 ° F). Low temperature is around 52 ° F (11 ° C).

Stockholm weather in july: the warmest month for stockholm annually is july which sees an average high temperature of 72 ° F (22 ° C). It also receives the most precipitation in the year with an average rainfall rate of 72 mm. The low temperature average is 55 ° F (13 ° C).

August the climate begins to cool as the last of the summer months arrives. The average high temperature decreases a few degrees to 68 ° F (20 ° C), while the average low temperature remains the same at 55 ° F (13 ° C).

September temperatures continue to drop to average highs and average lows of 15 ° C and 9 ° C, respectively. Average precipitation for the month of september hovers around 55 mm.

Stockholm weather in october: autumn arrives in october along with cooler temperatures. The average high temperature drops to 50 ° F (10 ° C) and the average low temperature also sees a sharp decrease to 41 ° F (5 ° C).

November receives about 53 mm of precipitation for the month. In the last month of fall, temperatures drop even further as the high temperature average makes a big drop to 39 ° F (4 ° C). The average low temperature drops to 34 ° F (1 ° C).

In decemberthe days are dark, as stockholm receives only 2 hours of sunlight per day. The average temperature at high temperature and the average temperature drop to 34 ° F (1 ° C) respectively. 27 ° F (-3 ° C).

The best time to visit stockholm is during the summer months of june through august. This is the time when the sun shines the longest and many tourist attractions such as the midsummer festival, the summer games and stockholm pride take place. Local attractions also extend their hours during this time. For the best bargains and prices, the best time to visit is from december to february, when winter begins. Winter activities are also the best to visit during this time with december being the highlight winter month. Photo: prescott09 / fotolia

Getting to stockholm, sweden

There are several ways to get to stockholm. If you are arriving by plane, you will fly into stockholm arlanda airport, which is about 28 miles north of the city. Train travel in europe is a great way to get around: trains often arrive from other european cities at stockholm's central station or central station, conveniently located in the middle of the city. Getting around by car is easy, as two main highways meet in stockholm: E4 from the south and E3 from the west. Major ferry lines such as silja line and viking line arrive in stockholm from several major cities such as helsinki. Photo: borisb17 / fotolia

From stockholm airport

The best way to get to the city from stockholm arlanda airport is to take the arlanda express train: it is a very convenient and affordable way to get to the city. You can find this train among the arrival terminals at the airport. Trains leave every 15 minutes and it only takes 20 minutes to travel the 28 miles from the airport to downtown stockholm. There are buses called flygbussarna airport coaches: these buses leave the airport every 10 to 15 minutes and take 35 to 45 minutes to reach the city terminal next to central station. Commuter trains called SL also run from the airport to the city. Photo: sokolovsky / fotolia

Getting around stockholm by bus, commuter train, metro

It's easy to get around stockholm because the city offers so many ways to do so.The city's public transport system includes buses, commuter trains and the metro. The bus system consists of several lines that run throughout the city. This is a convenient way to explore stockholm. Another advantage of this part of the transportation system is that the buses run during the night: this is great when there are 24 hours of sunshine! If you are staying outside the city, you should familiarize yourself with local trains. There are more than 100 metro stations: this system is called T-bana and stations are equipped with a? T.? Photo: dmitry vereshchagin / fotolia

Getting around stockholm by cab, bicycle, ferry, car, on foot

In addition to public transportation, there are several other ways to get around stockholm. Cabs are available, but they are expensive: in fact, stockholm cab fares are the highest in the world. Only use a cab if you absolutely need to. With a bike, stockholm is a popular way to get around stockholm when the weather is nice. The city has many bike paths, so you can cross stockholm in 30 minutes. You can take a ferry to some of the main areas of stockholm: this is a fun way to get around in summer. Using a car is difficult as the streets are often narrow and parking is scarce. The central area is within easy walking distance. Photo: connel_design / fotolia

Stockholm restaurants

Stockholm offers a wide variety of restaurants and other places to eat: there are about 1.500 restaurants to choose from. The city is built on many islands, so there is water everywhere. That means that fish and seafood are popular dishes: amazing, you can fish in the water between the houses of parliament and the royal palace and catch a pike prepared for you at a local restaurant. Stockholm has many good restaurants and award-winning chefs, but these restaurants can be quite expensive. For price-conscious visitors there are self-service cafeterias. If you're looking for a restaurant with a view, try F? F? Ngan caf ?: here you have the best panorama of the city. Photo: william87 / fotolia

Shopping in stockholm

Stockholm is a great city for shopping: prices can be high, but there are bargains to be had if you take the time to check out. There are several large department stores in stockholm: NK, nordishka companiet, ahiens department store and MOOD stockholm. In addition to these department stores, there are several areas of the city that are known for their great shopping opportunities. Gamla stan means old town: this is where many of the most popular attractions are located, such as the royal palace, but it is also a popular shopping district. Skansen is known for its handmade items. Other shopping districts in hamngatan, kungsgatan and drottninggatan. Photo by elena belyaeva / fotolia

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Stockholm city guide

Most of stockholm's major attractions can be found in the city center. This is divided into two areas: downtown north and downtown south. Within the city center north, you will find the city's main railway station and drottninggatan, the shopping district on a large pedestrian street. Sergels torg is the city's public square. It's a large pedestrian mall, easily recognizable by its glass and steel obelisk. Most of the tourist attractions are located in inner city south. Here in gamla stan, or the old town, visitors will find the swedish parliament building, the royal palace and stortoget square with its colorful old buildings. Photo: jonas brodd / fotolia

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Marriage in stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city with stunning views and excellent wedding venues. It is possible to get married in sweden. There are many documents for this, so give yourself enough time to collect all the necessary documents. There is an exquisite wedding venue located in the city hall: it is called the oval room and is a popular venue for weddings. The grand hotel stockholm is a landmark in the middle of the city overlooking the royal palace. Villa pauli is a great place near the water with its own pier where guests can arrive for your wedding. Other wedding venues include hasselbacken, stallmastaregarden and many more. Photo: brunella fratini / fotolia

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Where to stay in stockholm

Stockholm is known for many things, and one of them is high hotel room rates. But there are some ways around this. Luxury hotels include nobis hotel stockholm, first hotel reisen stockholm, hilton stockholm slussen hotel, radisson blu royal viking hotel stockholm and many more.Some hotels offer discounted rates, so check the tourist center to see what they have to offer. However, it is best to book in advance, especially during the summer season. There are medium-priced hotels north of the city center in the normalm region; and there are many inexpensive hotels near the main train station. Photo: vvoe / fotolia

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