Best time to visit Nantucket, weather and other travel tips

Nantucket is a popular vacation destination during the summer months. This is the time of year when the weather is ideal for summer biking, boating and relaxing. But it's very crowded, traffic is congested and room rates are at their highest. The winter season is quite cold, but the room rates are the lowest and there are several pleasant vacation festivals. However, most businesses close in january and february. The best times to visit nantucket are during the spring months of march and april and during the fall months of september and october. The crowds and traffic are gone; temperatures are cooler and prices for many things are reasonable. Photo: heather-wissman / fotolia

Nantucket weather and temperature by month

January is the coldest month of the year in nantucket with an average low temperature of 25 ° F (-4 ° C). The average high temperatures are a teeth chattering 39˚F (4˚C). January is not only the coldest month, but also has the highest precipitation totals of the year, with an average rainfall of 105 mm (4 in).

In february, the average high temperature remains the same while the average low temperature increases by a single degree.

Nantucket weather in march: average temperatures rise in march as winter ends and spring arrives. The average high temperature rises to 44 ° F (7 ° C), while the average low temperature is a bone chilling 31 ° F (-1 ° C).

April in nantucket sees a relatively large amount of precipitation with an average rainfall rate of 4 inches (105 mm). Average high and average low temperatures range from 51 ° F (11 ° C) to 38 ° F (3 ° C), respectively.

In kannthe temperatures continue to rise, with an average temperature of 60 ° F (16 ° C). Despite the overall increase in temperature, the average low temperature in nantucket is still a cool 46 ° F (8 ° C).

Nantucket weather in june: average temperatures for june in nantucket, even with the arrival of summer, you'll stay pretty cool. High temperatures make a jump to 69 ° F (21 ° C), while low temperatures average 55 ° F (13 ° C).

July receives the least amount of precipitation, with an average of 2 inches (52 mm) annually. Average high temperatures peak at 75 ° F (24 ° C), while the average low temperature rises to 62 ° F (17 ° C).

August is the warmest month in nantucket. Regardless of this distinction, the average high temperature is a comfortable 76 ° F (24 ° C). Low temperatures average around 17 ° C.

In septemberautumn officially arrives, bringing average high and average low temperatures of 21 ° C, respectively. 56 ° F with it.

Nantucket weather in october: nantucket gets plenty of rain in october with an average rainfall of 3 inches (76 mm). The climate becomes increasingly colder as the average maximum temperature drops to 16 ° C (46 ° F) and the average minimum temperature drops to 8 ° C (46 ° F).

In november, the average high temperature continues to decrease to 53 ° F (12 ° C). Meanwhile, the average low temperature drops to 39 ° F (4 ° C).

December is the third coldest month of the year with an average low temperature of 30 ° F (-1 ° C). The average high temperature also drops significantly to 44 ° F (7 ° C).

If you're looking to explore massachusetts' popular tourist destinations on foot, the mild fall weather of september through october is a fantastic time to visit. For baseball fanatics ready to enjoy the electric atmosphere of red sox games, summer is the ultimate time to stop by, as long as you can brave the hot weather and rising hotel prices. If you come to massachusetts to enjoy winter sports, come in january when the snowfall is at its best. Those eager to see tree spa turned into maple syrup should come to new england early in the spring. Photo: niklas kratzsch / fotolia

Getting to nantucket, massachusetts – cont

One of several ways to get to nantucket is by plane. Several airlines serve nantucket memorial airport from cities like boston, new york city, washington, newark and other smaller cities along the east coast. There are several car rental agencies at the airport. Other ways to get from the airport include a bus that takes passengers to the center of town. Cabs; and since biking is a popular pastime on the island, you can ride a bike from the airport to town. Most people arrive by boat from a variety of cities on the east coast. There are traditional ferries as well as high-speed ferries. Photo by martin lehotkay / fotolia

Getting around nantucket

Many visitors choose to explore nantucket on foot or by bike or moped. Other options include shuttle bus and cab. Some people prefer to explore the island by car. You can bring your own car on one of the ferries or you can rent one on the island. To explore the sandy areas of the island, you can rent a jeep or other four-wheel drive vehicle. The only downside to using a car on nantucket is the traffic congestion and lack of parking during peak season. It is very popular to travel by bike, as the island is mostly flat and there are many paved bike paths. Photo: jovannig / fotolia

Nantucket restaurants

There are restaurants on nantucket that will please all visitors. There are fine restaurants on every street in town, some of which are world famous. Some restaurants sit on the beach and patrons applaud as the sun sets.Other restaurants are more casual: where visitors can find affordable meals and mingle with some of the locals: some of these include island coffee, stubby's and walters deli. Some of these restaurants offer takeout, so you can hop on your bike or moped and eat at your favorite outdoor spot. There are bakeries, pastry shops and specialty markets where visitors can buy gourmet products. Photo: kenishirotie / fotolia

Shopping in nantucket

As you discover the beauty that nantucket offers, it's time to check out the shopping scene. Nantucket does not have any large shopping centers, but there is a wide variety of stores that offer items that visitors cannot find anywhere else. Many of the businesses are locally owned. There are antique stores like rafael osona auctions, the number one antique dealer on the island; other antique stores include nantucket country and antiques depot. Jewelry stores focus on pieces that often include shells and other nautical items. Other things to buy on the island include baskets, books, clothing, gourmet products and, of course, souvenirs. Courtesy of fotoprime / fotolia

Nantucket neighborhood guide

It's surprising how many neighborhoods make up nantucket. The historic district is filled with art galleries, specialty stores and cobblestone streets. The wharf is another part of this neighborhood. Madaket is located at the far western end of the island: here you can find cottages, a small harbor and unforgettable sunsets. The tom nevers neighborhood offers views of the marshes and there are many hidden beaches nearby. Dionis is located on the north shore: here the water is calm and inviting for swimming. There are large oceanfront homes with views of the ferries. Quidnet is located on the east side of the island and overlooks sesachacha pond. Photo by heather wissman / fotolia

Getting married in nantucket

Because of its special unique charm, nantucket island is a very popular place for weddings. A marriage certificate can be obtained from the nantucket town clerk's office. There is a wide variety of venues to choose from on the island of nantucket. Some of the most elegant venues include franklin country club, hampshire house, lord thompson manor, tirell room and more. Visitors can rent the entire wauwinet, the island's best waterfront destinations, including the inn, cottages and grounds. The lighthouse inn is a charming oceanfront hotel with cottages. If you are interested in a church wedding, you can try the unitarian universalist church. Photo: chachanit / fotolia

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Where to stay in nantucket

Nantucket island is a popular place to stay, especially during the summer months, and there are many different types of accommodations for every visitor. Luxury properties include the white elephant, wauwinet, boat basin cottages and lofts, and the jared coffin house. The island is also known for its inns and bed & breakfasts. Some are restored villas from the whaling era, others are new construction. Renting a vacation home is popular for couples and for families. Some cottages are conveniently located near beaches where children can swim in the calm waters. Peace and plenty is a classic nantucket home with its own private beach. Photo: kzenon / fotolia

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