Best time to visit Mackinac Island, Michigan, weather and other travel tips


Mackinac island is a popular tourist destination in michigan. Many people visit the island during the summer months – this is when the weather is warmest and it is considered the best time to visit mackinac island. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. Because schools are on break during the summer, mackinac island can get a little crowded during this time of year. The fall months and spring months are good times to visit if you don't mind cold temperatures: the island is less crowded and room rates drop. Wintertime is cold and warm clothing is necessary to enjoy the beauty of the island. During the winter season there are many free things to do on mackinac island. Photo: ffooter / fotolia

Mackinac island weather & temperature per month

January is the coldest month on mackinac island with frigid temperatures for both average highs and average lows. The average high temperature hovers around 25 ° F (-4 ° C), while the average low temperature is 9 ° F (-13 ° C).

In february, mackinac island sees the least amount of rain annually with about 34 mm expected precipitation. The average temperature rises a few degrees to 27 ° F (-3 ° C). In contrast, the average low temperature drops to 8 ° F (-14 ° C).

March mackinac island sees warmer weather as average high and average low temperatures range from 36˚F to 20˚C during the first month of spring.

Mackinanc island weather in april: the average high temperature for april sees a significant increase to 50 ° F (10 ° C). Consistently, the average low temperature also makes a steep climb to 30 ° F (-1 ° C). Despite the sharp increases, the weather remains quite cold.

In the canthe average high temperature and the average low temperature are 63 ° F (17 ° C), respectively. 40 ° F (4 ° C).

Mackinac island weather in june: summer arrives to mackinac island in june with average highs in the 70s. Average low temperatures still get quite cool, but rise ten degrees to 50˚F (9˚C).

July is the hottest month for mackinac island, with average temperatures near the 80s at 78 ° F (25 ° C). The average low temperature rises to 55 ° F (13 ° C).

August, mackinac island's second warmest month, sees the average high temperature drop to 24 ° C (-24 ° F). The average low temperature drops one degree to 54 ° F (12 ° C).

Mackinac island weather in september: mackinac island has a lot of rain in it september with an average rainfall of 98 mm – the highest all year. The average high temperature drops to 70 ° F (19 ° C), while the average low temperature drops to 48 ° F (9 ° C).

October sees a sharp drop in average temperatures as fall gets into full swing. The average high temperature drops to 56 ° F (13 ° C) and the average low temperature drops to 38 ° F (3 ° C).

In november it gets even colder when the average high and average low temperatures drop to 42 ° F (6 ° C) respectively. 30 ° F (-2 ° C) drop.

December is the third coldest month of the year and the start of the winter season on mackinac island, where the average low temperature is -20 ° C (-4 °F). High temperatures average 31 ° F (-1 ° C).

The best time to visit mackinac island to avoid the hordes of tourists is during the month of june. However, the weather at this time can be quite unpredictable. If you're looking for a combination of the best weather and a manageable crowd, plan your visit during the first half of july. To catch the sailboat races, an action-packed time on mackinac island, be sure to stop by during the second half of july. Photo: ostrows1 / fotolia

Getting to mackinac island, michigan

There are several ways to get to mackinac island. The closest airport to the island is pellston regional airport, located 15 miles south of mackinac city. To get to mackinac island from the airport, rental cars, the mackinaw shuttle, and cabs and limousines are available. There is an airstrip on the island for charter service. If you are traveling by car, you will need to drive to mackinac city or st. Ignace, park your car and take the ferry to the island: there are no cars on mackinac island. There are two ferry companies with daily trips to the island: they are the star line ferry and shepler's ferry. Photo: maksymowicz / fotolia

Getting around

Mackinac island retains its victorian charm as no cars are allowed on the island. Most visitors arrive by ferry and use different ways to explore the island. One way to walk: it's easy to see many of the beautiful places mackinac island has to offer on foot. Renting a bike is a very popular way to explore the island: in fact, there are over 1.400 bikes, including mountain bikes, tandems, fat tire bikes, bikes for kids and more. There are more than 70 miles of paved and natural trails on the island. There are also electronic scooters for rent. Horse-drawn carriages are another way to see the island. Photo: ffooter / fotolia


Mackinac island offers a wide variety of restaurants and other dining options. World-renowned chefs create new dishes in the island's historic hotels. Two fine restaurants include the 1852 grill room and chianti. On mackinac island, casual dining means a relaxed atmosphere where good food is served in a friendly manner. Some of the casual restaurants include bistro on the green, jessies chuck wagon, pancake house, woods restaurant and many more. There are several cafes on the island: these include seabiscuit cafe and starbucks.For nightlife, visitors can spend the evening with friends at places like mary's bistro mackinac island, the mustang lounge and the pink pony. Photo: monet / fotolia


Mackinac island is a great place to shop. There are many stores downtown, on market street, in some of the island's hotels and in surrey hill. There are also four small shopping centers. Art is very popular on mackinac island and there are small art galleries displaying works by regional artists. Some of these galleries include the artistic mackinac gallery and studio, oil paintings by marlee and photos on mackinac. If you are interested in books, you can browse at the island bookstore. The grand hotel and mission point resort has boutiques and an outlet store. Other gift stores sell clothing, jewelry, souvenirs and more. Photo by GKSD / fotolia

Getting married on mackinac island

Mackinac island is known for its natural beauty, making it a popular spot for weddings. If you're interested in a church wedding, there are several churches on the island, such as the historic mission church, the little stone church, st. Anna's catholic church and trinity episcopal church. Inn at stonecliffe offers several quiet and secluded locations for weddings, including the grotto, sunset beach and the veranda. The bay view is a bed & breakfast where you can choose the sun deck or the veranda. Visitors can get married on the veranda or in the tea garden at the grand hotel. There are many other wedding venues on the island. Photo: santorini / fotolia

Where to stay

There are many types of accommodations on mackinac island such as hotels and resorts, bed & breakfasts and guesthouses, and rentals of vacation homes, condos, houses and suites. The grand hotel is one of the best hotels on the island: it's a good place for families and kids. Mission point resort has rooms and suites, chianti italian restaurant and a waterfront location with spectacular views. Island house hotel is a historic hotel built more than 150 years ago. The chippewa hotel waterfront is located in downtown mackinac island and offers great views of the harbor. Other accommodations include the lake view hotel, the harbour view inn, the sunset condominiums and many more. Photo: chefsamba / fotolia

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Best time to visit mackinac island, michigan, weather and other travel tips

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