Best time to travel in New Zealand: 5 tips for you

Kepler Track in New Zealand

Islands, volcanoes, national parks, mountains and sea – the natural paradise of new zealand has this and much more to offer. If you want to hike and enjoy secluded nature, new zealand's 700+ islands are for you. But when is actually the best time to travel to new zealand? In this article you will find information and tips about the climate and weather of the country.

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The four seasons

Like us, new zealand has four seasons: summer, spring, autumn and winter:

The best time for you to travel to new zealand depends on what you want to do and experience there. The impressive expanse of landscapes and the small coastal towns but also large metropolises of the country, offer you a variety of opportunities throughout the year.

The best time to travel in the north island

Taranaki Volcano in New Zealand

The north island of new zealand is home to about three quarters of all the people living in new zealand. Among other places, the largest city, auckland, which is surrounded by numerous bays and islands. Nevertheless, you will also find rugged nature and lonely places far away from the crowds. Active but also inactive volcanoes and national parks invite to hiking, biking and exploring.

A family hikes across a suspension bridge in Mount Cook

The south island is particularly impressive with imposing mountains, crystal clear lakes and a multitude of glaciers. In this part of new zealand the best time to travel is the same as in the north, but it can get a bit colder due to the proximity to the south pole.

When is the best time for you to travel to new zealand also depends a lot on the activities you want to do there. Here is a brief overview of the best months to help you plan your trip.

Backpackers hiking in Mount Cook

On this ASI original trip, you'll explore the natural paradise of new zealand and travel with us in the best time to go hiking in new zealand.

Trip highlights:

  • Experience the maori culture
  • Hike in the shadow of glaciers, volcanoes and rainforests
  • Explore mt. Cook NP
  • Marvel at tongario's wonders

Reading tip: in this travelogue from linda you can learn more about the diverse nature between kiwi and maori

Ready for your trip to new zealand?

Woman hiking with a view of Lake Wanaka

In conclusion, it all depends on what you want to do and experience on your trip to new zealand. The best time to go hiking is from november to april, when temperatures are pleasant. But also in winter the country has its charm. Our travel experts will be happy to help you find the best trip for you!

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