Andalusia: The top 10 most beautiful destinations in southern Spain

Top 10 Andalusia

Our individual andalusia top 10 list of the most interesting destinations in the south of spain: five cities, three beach vacation destinations and two beautiful landscapes to explore and hike in.

Andalusia is one of the most attractive travel and vacation destinations in mainland spain. Located in the very south of spain, the region captivates not only with great cities, but also wonderful landscapes and beautiful beaches.

The question is often asked: where it in andalusia most beautiful, what must I have seen? Of course the answers will be different. Nevertheless, we dare to make a recommendation for our top 10 andalusia.

Top 10 most beautiful places and destinations in andalusia


The heart of andalusia beats in the city on the guadalquivir river, where flamenco and bullfighting are at home. Old and new combine to create a lively mix. Therefore, it is a lot of fun to stroll through the neighborhoods of the old town.

Top 10 Andalusia: Seville on the Guadalquivir River

Already in february it can become really warm. Seville is famous for the easter week "semana santa" and the following "feria de abril. Then it is hard to find a cheap place to stay. Tips for a city trip to seville.


The alhambra palace, the gardens of the generalife and the albaicin quarter stand for the moorish heritage of today's predominantly modern university city. That's why granada is rightly on the andalusia top 10 list.

Top 10 Andalusia: View of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada from the Mirador de San Nicolas (Granada, Andalusia)

The often snow-capped mountains of the sierra nevada provide the picturesque backdrop for a journey that brings to life memories of splendid pages of the islamic period. The palaces of the islamic sultans is one of the top travel destinations in andalusia. Therefore, tickets for the alhambra should be reserved in advance. Here you can find information for a city trip to granada.


In the center of the city, which was at times the largest european city in the middle ages, stands the mezquita.

Bell tower of the Mezquita in Cordoba

The former main mosque of moorish spain and today's cathedral is considered a unique architectural symbol. Further sights of cordoba are the jewish quarter and the flower decorated inner courtyards, the patios, which have been declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Tips for a city trip to cordoba.


As one of the oldest harbor cities in the south of europe, beautifully situated on a headland, cadiz captivates not only during the famous carnival.

Playa la Caleta, the popular city beach of Cadiz in early March

The exceptional light of the city, the colors white and blue, are among the attractions of cadiz, along with the charming old town and fine beaches. Therefore, if you are on vacation on the costa de la luz, you must not miss a trip to cadiz. Information for a trip to cadiz.


The white city in the mountains and cradle of bullfighting is one of the most famous "pueblos blancos" in andalusia.

Top 10 Andalusia: The white city of Ronda

Uniquely situated at a deep gorge in the serrania de ronda, ronda is a popular destination for vacationers on the costa del sol. When the buses return to the coast in the late afternoon, the village can unfold its charms. Therefore, if possible, plan at least one overnight stay in ronda or even use it as a starting point for tours through the white villages in the area. Travel information and travel tips about ronda.

Cabo de gata

The volcanic landscape of the costa de almeria seduces with its austere beauty and perhaps the most beautiful beaches on spain's mediterranean coastline. Therefore, cabo de gata is an excellent destination for an individual vacation away from mass tourism.

The dream beach Playa de Monsul at Cabo de Gata

Here in the northeast of andalusia lies the driest region of spain. Perhaps a reason why here the urbanization of the mediterranean coast started later and could even be partly stopped by the establishment of a natural park. A vacation destination for friends of lonely dream beaches. Information for a vacation at cabo de gata.

Conil de la frontera

It doesn't have to be in august, but outside the high season, the seaside resort and vacation spot on the costa de la luz with its wide sandy beaches is a tip for a nice vacation on the beach.

Massage on the beach

In the course of time conil has also grown and the offer of hotels and vacation apartments has grown enormously. Nevertheless, the old town has kept a casual ambience and on the beaches there is room for crowds or solitude even in high season. Here you can find travel tips for a beach vacation in conil de la frontera.


Especially for surfers the beaches of the southernmost city of spain at the strait of gibraltar are a first address throughout the whole year.

Surfers on the beach of Tarifa in March

The steady winds offer excellent conditions for surfing, this is also true in winter. The small old town, the harbor and especially the view across to africa are a reason to visit the town of tarifa at the southern tip of andalusia. Travel tips for a vacation in tarifa.

Las alpujarras

The high valley south of the sierra nevada with its mountain villages is one of the most beautiful areas in eastern andalusia. Therefore the alpujarras are an interesting destination for individual tours.

Typical handicraft in the Alpujarras

Here the moors, who had been driven out of granada, had retreated. Thus, they were able to maintain their culture for decades and left a lasting mark on the villages and landscapes. The villages of capileira and trevelez are good starting points for hikes through the sierra de nevada national park. Tips for tours through the alpujarras.


The mountain village grazalema in the nature park of the same name surprises with a lot of green, lakes and good possibilities for hiking.

View of Grazalema and the surrounding area

In winter, the mountainous area in the west of the serrania de ronda is one of the regions of spain with the highest rainfall. But also in the other seasons rain falls sometimes. In the sierra de grazalema grows an ancient species of conifer, the spanish fir (pinsapo), which lives to be 300 years old. Griffon vultures circling in the sky. Grazalema offers a good tourist infrastructure. Tips for a trip to grazalema.

With a population of almost 8.4 million, andalusia is. People the most populous of the spanish communities and stands with an area of 87.268 square kilometers second only to castilla y leon.

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