All the colors of autumn: DIY autumn decorations for your home

a pumpkin stands in the gas

For an autumnal breeze in your four walls, we have collected our favorite DIY autumn decoration ideas for you in this blog post. Whether it's a colorful pumpkin flower vase, autumnal lanterns or a creative leaf wall hanging – all the ideas are easy to recreate and all you need is a little time, a warm cup of tea and treasures from nature. Here are all the tips you need to know about forest bathing. Use craft time to really relax and unwind, or spend a fun creative afternoon with your family. Get inspired and immerse your home in all the colors of autumn.

Colorful pumpkin flower vase

Pumpkin carving belongs on every good fall bucket list! But it doesn't always have to be scary grimaces – how about a pretty pumpkin flower vase instead?

You'll need:

  • 1 pumpkin (diameter approx. 25cm)
  • 1 large, sharp knife
  • 1 small, sharp knife
  • Newspaper
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 small vase
  • Artificial flowers or real flowers
  • Optional: chalkboard paint, paint roller and brush to paint the pumpkin

And so it goes:

  1. Wash the pumpkin thoroughly and dry it off. Then use the sharp, large knife to cut the top straight off.
  2. Now take the spoon and small knife to hollow out the pumpkin. Make sure to remove all the pulp as well as the seeds. Then dry the hollowed out inside with paper towels and let the pumpkin dry upside down for at least 24 hours.
  3. The next day you can continue. If you want, now it's time to paint the pumpkin. To do this, place newspaper underneath and paint one side of the pumpkin with chalkboard paint. After the side dries, you can continue with the other side. A second coat may be needed to ensure the paint covers properly.
  4. Place the vase inside the pumpkin. Now you can add fresh or artificial flowers to your finished vase.

Tip: tie the bouquet with a cord before placing it in the pumpkin vase so the flowers hold together nicely. Hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, eucalyptus, berry branches, and autumn leaves are all great for example.

Upcycling lanterns for jam jar moments

This DIY fall decorating idea will bring autumn-glow coziness and plenty of jam jar moments to your four walls. The best thing about jack-o-lanterns: they're completely free!
All you need are old glasses and autumnal natural products such as leaves, moss and berries. The rest is optional.
On your next autumn walk, take the time to look around for small natural treasures and collect what you like. This turns each lantern into a distinctive one-of-a-kind piece.
Here's how:

  1. Thoroughly rinse and dry an old jar, such as a jam jar.
  2. If you like, you can decorate your jar a little bit before filling it.
    Our favorite design idea: draw an autumnal leaf on a piece of paper. Cut it out and stick it to your jam jar with dissolvable double sided tape. Now paint the entire jar with a color of your choice. When the paint has dried, peel off the glued piece of paper. Voila: A window in autumnal leaf shape remains to showcase your colorful jar contents.
  3. Continue to decorate your jar as you please. For example, tie a cord around the neck of the jar and tie a bow. As a special eye-catcher, you can also tie rose hips to it.
  4. Now it's time to fill! Leaves, moss, berries, flowers – fill all autumnal materials into the jar – just the way you like it.
  5. Add a string of LED lights to add some extra magic to your creation.

But, what actually are jam jar moments and why should I collect them? Read more here.

Fall of leaves: autumn wall hanging

You can also bring the orange and gold autumn forest into your home with this beautiful DIY fall decorating idea. Everything you need for the DIY wall hanging, you already have at home or find outside in nature.
What you need:

  • Colorful autumn leaves
  • A large branch
  • Thin string
  • Thick twine
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

And so it goes:

  1. Find a suitable place for your wall hanging. If necessary, shorten the branch so that it fits well in place. After you have determined the height at which you want the rain of leaves to hang, you can measure the thicker twine you will use to hang it accordingly. Make sure there is still enough room for the leaves underneath.
  2. Knot the twine on the left and right sides of the branch so that you can hang it from a hook in the middle of the string.
  3. After that, pick the most beautiful leaves. The wall hanging will be especially pretty if you choose as many different leaves as possible. These should ideally be relatively fresh. You can press it if you like it to be extra smooth and neat.
  4. Now attach a thin piece of twine to the branch on one side and to the style of the leaf on the other side. If the sheet has no style, you can stick the thread with scotch tape. Optionally, you can use chestnuts, pine cones or other natural treasures in addition to leaves.
  5. The leaves last a few weeks and dress your room in a bright autumn robe. You can keep the branch until next year and then decorate it with new leaves.

Which DIY fall decorating idea do you take on for your next cozy afternoon of crafting?

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