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Kissed by the sea: okinawa

Probably one of the most beautiful vacation paradises in japan is okinawa. Located in southwestern japan, the archipelago is the only subtropical prefecture in the country and is blessed with a mild climate all year round, often exceeding 30°C in summer and rarely below 10°C in winter.

Okinawa surprises not only with one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, white sandy beaches and a beautiful blue sea, but also with an excellent traditional and local cuisine and a unique culture, which was created by trade with china and southeast asia.

Each of the islands has its own unique landscape and culture. The island of miyako is surrounded by a beautiful sea, the island of ishigaki captivates with unspoiled nature and on the main island of okinawa the history of the ryukyu can be experienced.

The island paradise of okinawa can be reached by numerous ANA direct flights from tokyo in ca. 2.5 to 3 hours and from osaka in just over 2 hours.

Blue sky, white sand and emerald sea – okinawa is surrounded by beautiful sea and has numerous dream beaches. Thanks to the warm climate, the sea offers wonderful bathing temperatures from late april to october, most of the year. But the white sandy beaches invite you to stay and walk all year round.

The crystal clear waters of okinawa, flowed by the warm kuroshio current, are also home to a wide variety of corals, fish and other marine life. The colorful tropical fish swimming among the coral reefs create a mystical and magical world.

Culture and history

Okinawa belonged to the ryukyu kingdom for 450 years. Through trade with china and other neighbors, the country flourished and was influenced by numerous cultures, creating a diverse, sophisticated culture of its own, including performing arts such as kumiodori (dance), crafts such as lacquerware, ryukyuan cuisine with the famous awamori (rice wine), karate, and cloth dyeing.

During this time, castles (gusuku), residences and mausoleums were built for the king and other powerful people. Here you can find not only artistic stone carvings, but also the culture of that time and the faith of the people can be felt.

Food culture and awamori

An important factor for a long life are the fresh and healthy local foods of okinawa. A typical meal consists of champuru, a pan-fried dish with a variety of ingredients and vegetables. In addition, dishes with lots of pork, seaweed and fresh fish caught directly on site are very popular.

Sights on miyako and ishigaki

One of the most popular places on "miyakojima" and "ishigakijima" ("jima" means island) is definitely yonaha maehama beach, whose contrast between fine white sand and the crystal clear cobalt blue sea is breathtakingly beautiful. Kabira bay has the clearest sea in the world, white sandy beaches and small green islands and is considered the most beautiful bay on the island of ishigaki.

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Please point out the latest information from local authorities when advising customers.

This content is brought to you by ANA in kind cooperation with the okinawa convention & visitors bureau (OCVB) and okinawa prefectural government.

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