7-times island happiness for every type of vacation

They dream of the perfect mediterranean vacation island? There are a variety of options, depending on whether you're in the mood for adventure, relaxation with family and friends, or a private beach vacation for two. No matter what type of traveler you are, we've compiled the seven best island getaways for you to enjoy.

For solo travelers: mallorca

Digital nomads are drawn to mallorca, where the capital palma now boasts a wide range of new co-working centers. So even solo travelers need never feel lonely on the largest balearic island with its famous beaches.

After visiting the gothic cathedral la seu, simply follow your foodie nose to the tapas stands at mercado gastronomico san juan, then drift through the maze of medieval alleyways filled with galleries, boutiques and cafes.

An elegant 90-year-old train runs daily to the picturesque, sprawling mountain village of soller, home to the can prunera art museum.

For adventure seekers: malta

Skyline of Valletta in Malta

Explore the baroque architecture of malta. (image: shutterstock)

The light-filled waters of the blue lagoon and the baroque sandstone buildings of the ancient walled city of mdina have attracted film crews for years. Knowledgeable cinephiles will get their money's worth here, instantly recognizing the filming locations of "troy," "gladiator" or the TV series "game of thrones".

Adventurous visitors can explore the underwater caves and shipwrecks at buddies dive cove or take a boat trip along the coast with sea kayak malta.

Take the ferry service to the must-see island of gozo and hike over cliffs and donkey trails to citrus-scented groves and a bronze age temple.

For gourmets: sardinia

Restaurant on the Costa Smeralda

Enjoy local cuisine with a view at quattro passi al pescatore. (image: marriott international)

It's true: sardinia's crystal clear waters and dazzling white beaches are tourist magnets. But lovers of wine and good food have also discovered that the sea and the mountains give the island a rich offer all year round, from which renowned chefs create sensational dishes.

Maritime specialties include lobster (in season) and fritto misto di mare (fried seafood). Further inland, you'll find not only a vibrant wine culture, but also aromatic bread, meats and sheep's milk cheeses. You must try the spicy pecorino sardo cheese. And of course, the famous mirto, a liqueur made from myrtle berries, must not be missed.

If you love seafood, a visit to the quattro passi al pescatore restaurant at the cervo hotel, costa smeralda resort is worth your while, where apart from the elegant cuisine, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the coastline. Sardinia celebrates its bountiful harvests, from sun-ripened peaches to clam fishing in winter, in various festivals throughout the year.

For couples: santorini

Santorini at sunset

Sunset is santorini's magic hour. (image: marriott international)

It's almost as if the evening sky wants to remind us of santorini's volcanic origins as it glows from indigo to scarlet over the island's crescent-shaped bay. Find a spot by a windmill high above the white painted houses in the village of oia or aboard a catamaran from sunset oia to experience the spectacle with your loved one.

Santorini also offers numerous romantic moments during the day, z. B. Swimming at the beach of perissa with its black volcanic sand or at the red beach near the village of akrotiri. Then, when evening falls, enjoy the island's rich grape harvest at alati, a 400-year-old winery in the middle of santorini's main growing region, where gourmet cuisine is served by candlelight.

For friends: ibiza

Charming white houses in Ibiza

Discover the charms of ibiza away from the beaches. (image: getty images)

The party capital of europe is known for its legendary mix of clubs and rooftop bars with magical views of the evening sky, including glow at santa eulalia bay. But if you're planning to do something with friends, ibiza has even more to offer than pulsating beats from the amp.

Slow down with a stroll through the cobbled streets of the fortified old town of dalt vila, a UNESCO world heritage site, or browse one of the many boho markets.

Take some time out of ibiza town, such as at cala mastella, a pine-fringed cove in the east, or head north to explore the island's hidden whitewashed villages.

For fans of antiquity: crete

Palace of Knossos Crete

Ancient times come to life in crete. (image: marriott international)

Crete, the cradle of the minoan culture, fascinates with its rich and legendary history, which is only equaled by the extraordinary landscape of the island. Visit the heraklion archaeological museum for a historical overview, then rent a car to marvel at the palace of knossos, the 4000-year-old center of the ancient minoan culture.

The pastel-colored, 14th-century venetian port of chania. The nineteenth-century elounda is in the east, while the blue palace elounda nestles on a hillside on the island's west coast. The building reflects the essence of the impressive cretan architecture and offers a beautiful view of the historic island of spinalonga.

For water enthusiasts: corfu

Corfu, with its endless beaches and cobalt-blue waters, was already home to lost sailors in the days of homer's odysseus. For centuries, the year-round calm waters around the island have lured visitors to explore the sprawling olive groves, hidden sandy coves (such as rovinia beach on the west coast), or the great fortress that seems to lunge toward the sea.

Corfu is named after the wife of the greek sea god poseidon, so it's no surprise that many family adventures revolve around the theme of water. Nautilus organizes a tour of the ionian sea in a glass-bottom boat from the port of alipa, while aqualand near agios ioannis offers fun and aquatic delights for young and old alike.

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