6 tips for planning a group trip

6 Tips for Planning a Group Trip

The next trip is coming up, the whatsapp group has been created, but no one has really gotten going yet?! Especially when traveling in a larger group, organization is key. We've put together six helpful tips for planning a group trip that are sure to make your next group trip a success! 🙂

1. Choose an organizer

Here, the question is not "how do I plan a group trip??"But the question "WHO is planning the group trip??". While you can organize and discuss the trip as a group, those of you who have tried this before know that it is easier said than done! Therefore, one of the tips for planning a group trip is to put the "organizational crown" on one person from the group. This doesn't have to mean that this person decides and organizes everything on their own, but they do pull the strings and keep track of all the things that need to be taken care of before the trip. Of course, depending on the trip, individual tasks such as researching accommodations, activities, transportation, etc., may not be necessary. Also be shared in the group. Final decisions can be discussed in the group and then executed by the organizer.

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2. Determine the budget for the trip

One of the most important considerations when planning group travel is often budget, as the traveller's idea of how much money they want to spend on the trip can vary widely. As a group, agree on a budget that everyone is happy with. When planning a group trip, you should set your budget as high as possible. This has the advantage that in the end there are no nasty surprises for anyone when it comes to paying for the group trip! Of course, unforeseen costs often arise, these should be calculated in advance. So don't just ask yourself "how do I plan a group trip??", but also "how much budget do I plan for the group trip??".

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3. Brings even more people on board

Another tip for planning a group trip is to make the group as large as possible. The bigger the group, the bigger the budget and the more you can save together. For example, if there are four of you planning a road trip, you can fit a fifth road trip travel partner in the car. You and your interrail travel partners can also save a lot on the deutsche bahn with a group ticket. Especially in terms of accommodation, a larger group has many advantages. There are many great, exceptional accommodations that are much more affordable with a large group. You can also treat yourself to a small villa with a jacuzzi, which you probably couldn't afford if you were just the two of you. Ask your friends or post your great trip on joinmytrip and find cool travel buddies for your trip.

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4. Create a travel fund

When planning a group trip, it is especially important to collect a certain amount of money from everyone for the common travel fund before the trip begins. This makes a lot of things easier, especially if you are staying in accommodation where food and drinks are provided yourself. It's much easier to pay out of the travel fund than it is to count every bill apart. In order to cover other common expenses that go on the credit card such as z.B. Manage the payment of the rental car or accommodation, more easily, there are now many helpful apps such as z.B. Splid, tricount, tabbt etc. This makes "who owes who what" conversations a thing of the past.

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5. Plan some activities ahead of time

Planning every single day from start to finish doesn't make sense, but having a rough plan and ideas is definitely advisable. Gather the most important activities you want to do in new york and find out if they are possible. Reserved in advance or. Need to book. Especially in a larger group, this is important – after all, it would be a shame if you missed out on a cool activity just because it wasn't booked early enough. One of our tips for planning a group trip is to be sure to check out group discounts! It's easier to get all this done before the trip starts, so you don't have to waste valuable time on it on vacation. But beware: don't plan too much and be flexible, often the best things happen by chance 😉

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6. Split up

Also, if you're traveling as a group it doesn't mean you have to constantly stick together and do all activities together 24/7. Some may prefer to relax on the beach all day, while others may want to go trekking. The guys might prefer to go water skiing while the girls go for a round of shopping in town. Why not? So the last valuable tip for planning a group trip is that splitting up shouldn't be a problem – then there's also plenty to talk about in the evening 😉 but even if someone in the group would like to do a certain activity but no one wants to join, that shouldn't be a problem either. The vacation should be a great experience for everyone.

The question "how do I plan a group trip??" Should be clarified now. To make your group trip a success, we have one last tip for you: communication is the key to an unforgettable group trip!

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You really want to plan your own group trip, but you don't know who to take with you? In the travel partner exchange you will surely find cool vacation partners!

If you're still not sure whether a group trip is better for you than traveling alone, you can find out more in our blog post "group travel vs. Traveling alone" take another look at the pros and cons for both sides. In addition, you can also grab a lot of tips around the topic of travel planning. For example, check out our blog for 10 essential tips for any travel planner.


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