6 packing tips for travelers

6 packing tips for travelers - from textiles to powerbank

Packing your suitcase or backpack ushers in the vacation season for many and builds anticipation for your upcoming trip. So that nothing is missing on site, individual packing lists help to arrange the equipment. The following packing tips will help guide you.

1. Rethink standards: clothes, shoes and more

Which textiles are useful on vacation depends on the chosen destination. Depending on the season, temperature and weather, the list of clothing items will result. Standards include underwear, socks, t-shirts, favorite shoes, and pants or skirts. Depending on the weather, sweaters, jackets, swimwear and accessories will be added.
What is certain, however, is that most vacationers generally take too many clothes with them. Often, laundry can be done on site, so replacement textiles are unnecessary. Plus, doing without saves valuable space. Towels can often be left at home because they are available in hotels.

Extra tips! Take rolled clothes in suitcase, backpack and co. Takes up less space. Compression bags or packing cubes also make compact packing easier. A quick-drying travel towel is a useful companion for numerous trips abroad to the beach, trekking and co.

Which textiles are useful on vacation depends on the chosen destination

2. Check your vaccination certificate and first-aid kit

Health is the highest good and should also receive special attention before and during travel. An important item on the travel to-do list is to check your vaccination status. Often, certain travel vaccinations are mandatory and must be given well in advance of departure – many vaccines take several weeks to achieve full protection. The vaccination certificate belongs on every packing list!

A first-aid kit is again important on the road to be able to take care of yourself on the spot – whether travel sickness, cuts or diarrhea. An online pharmacy from munster uses a checklist to explain to tourists what they should take with them on a trip. The list can be downloaded free of charge, printed and ticked off.

3. Cosmetics and hygiene products

This category often brings together numerous products that take up a lot of space in your luggage. Save space with shower gel, shampoo and co. In travel sizes. In addition, many items can be purchased more cheaply on site, which saves a lot of weight. A good alternative to the classic (and often bulky) toiletry bag are ziplock bags. These are not only dense and transparent for a quick overview. But also airworthy and suitable for carrying liquids according to EU hand luggage regulations (z. B. Hand cream, disinfectant gel) in hand luggage.
Details on baggage restrictions on the official your europe website of the european union.

Important: in times of the corona pandemic, disinfectants and mouth-nose protection are in short supply in many places. To be able to move as freely as possible abroad, spare masks in particular should always be at hand.

A good alternative to the classic (and often bulky) toilet bag are ziplock bags

4. Organize important documents

Whether identity card, passport, international driver's license, vaccination certificate (resp. Digital proof of vaccination) or other: A trip requires numerous documents that need to be organized well in advance. The passport must be valid for many trips, for example, a certain period of time beyond departure. Even an international driver's license is only valid temporarily, so taking a look at the data can be crucial for a hassle-free stay at your destination.

Tip! All travel documents should be carried as a copy (both in paper form and on a USB stick) and saved digitally. Preferably in a cloud to have worldwide access to them in case the originals are lost.

Important travel documents to copy / save at a glance:

  • Passport / identity card / evtl. Visa
  • Driver's licenses
  • Vaccination certificate / proof
  • Health insurance card
  • Proof of travel health insurance / liability insurance (are travel insurances useful?)
  • Bank / credit cards
  • Online banking data
  • Booking confirmations
  • Airline tickets

5. Extras for long air travel

Those who spend many hours on the plane can make the time more comfortable with practical accessories. For sleeping, for example, earplugs and inflatable neck pillows are a good idea. But headphones can also be beneficial to eliminate noise and listen to music. Space-saving in-ear headphones with noise-isolating function or noise-canceling headphones promote interference-free entertainment.

Accessories on the plane

6. Energy for electronics!

To ensure that mobile devices and cameras provide faithful service throughout the vacation, a travel adapter is needed for charging in many countries. In addition, a power bank should be added to the packing list if needed. The energy dispenser for on the road is always ideal if there is no power outlet available for a longer period of time.

For the smoothest vacation possible, the german foreign office provides the "sicher reisen" app. It provides information on current events, entry requirements, health issues, safety and much more. Particularly practical: if travel and safety information changes for a pinned travel destination, users are informed via push messages.

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