6 alternatives for a unique Christmas

6 Alternatives for a Unique Christmas

A new year, another christmas. To all of you christmas grumpies out there, it's that time of year again. Christmas time is coming! And you will say: again. But this year will be different, because now you have us. We show you some alternatives for a unique christmas that will get your holiday spirit going. If you happen to be part of the small segment of the population that doesn't love traditional christmas, then what's coming up is definitely a MUST see!

6. Forever single?

If you're single this christmas, be sure to find out what 2021 has to offer before the new year! After all, cute kittens to cuddle can't be found around every corner.. Insider tip: have plenty of tasty snacks on hand, just in case you're going to be extra emotional this christmas. Czech republic has a tradition on christmas eve of single ladies standing with their backs to the front door and throwing a shoe over their shoulders. If the shoe heel points to the door, then unfortunately they will not find their great love in the coming year. If the front of the shoe points to the door, it will be a year full of romance! What better way than to have a shoe show you the future, right girls?

5. Halloween is not over yet

You just love halloween too much and don't want to admit that it's already over? Well, in ukraine it is not yet that either. There people decorate their christmas trees with spider webs… Creepy! What's the point of cute, colorful decorations when you can decorate your christmas tree with all sorts of spooky things? This is how halloween lives on! You don't even have to spend money on new christmas decorations because you can reuse your old halloween ones. How sustainable ukrainians are! Anyway, ukrainians cover their tree with spider webs not only because of the look, because there are definitely more beautiful decorations. They believe that the spider webs will bring them wealth and prosperity for the coming year. So, my christmas outfit this year; spider webs. Next year I won't be able to save myself from gold, just wait and see!

4. Kentucky at christmas

Did someone just say KFC? I love fried chicken, so if there's ever an opportunity to eat some, of course I'll take it! Spend christmas at your local KFC like the japanese do. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? The japanese aren't exactly known for throwing the biggest christmas parties… There isn't even a holiday for christmas there. Their way of celebrating christmas is to say to each other "kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!" Which translates to "kentucky for christmas!" Means. So everyone goes to their local KFC and eats their christmas dinner there. If you're also craving for KFC at christmas, check out this post on joinmytrip and you'll be halfway to japan already!

3. Coziness in the sauna

When you've had enough of the cold, head to where a warm and cozy sauna awaits you. In finland, it's tradition for families to cozy up in the sauna on christmas eve and remember their long-dead ancestors. As soon as we leave the sauna, we think the ancestors are taking our place. This tradition is not widespread, but the fact is that saunas are a sacred place for finns. We really care about our deceased loved ones, which is another reason why if you're ever in finland for christmas, you'll see the cemeteries beautifully lit up with candles on christmas eve. Take this time for yourself, relax in the sauna and clear your mind so you can start the new year full of anticipation. We are convinced that is a real alternatives for a unique christmas!

2. Up and out on rollerblades

Did you have a bad start into the day this morning, because your family has annoyed you once again?? Then grab your roller skates and seek the distance. If anyone asks – this is the way venezuelans celebrate christmas, so your family should be grateful for such a culturally aware child. On christmas morning, at exactly 8 a.M., a group of venezuelans gather in the streets to celebrate the holidays together on rollerblades. So get out your favorite roller skates, let the wind blow through your hair and hit the streets on christmas morning!

1. Watch donald duck

Your biggest dream has just come true! You now have a perfect excuse to lie on the couch all day and watch TV. Unfortunately, as always with such good stuff, there's a catch… It's all about donald duck, I'm afraid. In sweden it is a tradition that the whole country gathers around the TV in the afternoon to watch donald duck. The tradition has existed since the 1960s and donald duck has been broadcast on swedish television at christmas ever since. Maybe the beauty of the swedes comes from watching donald duck..? 😉

We are curious how you will spend your christmas this year. Even if you love traditional christmas, try our alternatives for unique christmas. Here's how you can surely make your 2021 more exciting.. Be open-minded and try new things! We hope we've satisfied your inner grinch.

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