4 Tips for decadent luxury vacations in style

Where would you vacation if you had a few euros too much (I do all the time) or hit the lottery jackpot. What kind of vacation would you choose if money was no longer an issue?. "6-star luxury vacation with butler in a mega palace with marble bathroom and golden faucets", you would spontaneously assume most people. Surprisingly, statistics show that lottery millionaires consider not only total decadence in luxury hotels, but also conventional 0815 destinations, such as a nice beach stay in mallorca or a city break to new york. Most of the time, these are people who have not traveled much and for whom a trip in itself is an enormous luxury, either because of the lack of money or the lack of time.

Mallorca? New york? I don't know…I would expect a little more creativity in the choice of my luus destination, at least as a well-traveled globetrotter. It's a different story for those who have inhuman amounts of wealth either innately or through business. They tend to be drawn, according to this article from zeit online, to posh upscale resorts like st. Tropez, to the caribbean or to florida – boring. Not that I would mind jetting off there for some champagne if I get an invitation.

But for those who are looking for something a little more "special" after all, and who aren't going to be blown away by anything travel-wise anytime soon; for those who no longer think tasmania is a mammal and papua new guinea is a parrot species, here are 4 ultimate tips that combine decadence with style.

Of course, I could also imagine being flown first class to my hostel or checking into the presidential suite of the four seasons with a backpack in shorts and flip flops if I either hit the euromillions lottery jackpot tomorrow or was one of the richest men in the world, but somehow that sounds a little too unimaginative to me, anyone can do it! So where do you put all that cash when you have so much of it that a presidential suite, a floor, or even the whole hotel is no longer big enough to take all your friends on a trip?.

The argument that you could do more sensible things with your money, I now completely disregard for 5 minutes…Let's dream BIG 😉

1. Rent a whole village

You have 1000 facebook friends and want to celebrate your birthday in a big way? Drunk ballermann tourists, who could drink on the street and molest you, are an abomination to you? Rent the whole village! Unbelievable but true: a company called rentastate makes it possible. The company, which is known for renting out lichtenstein, offers small villages in europe, such as mondsee, a small village in the middle of an idyllic lake. What could be more romantic? I wouldn't necessarily stay here with the bowling brothers, but with the sweetheart…And her parents…And her grandparents…The siblings…Uncles and aunts…Nephews and nieces…And the other 200 members of the family, so there's plenty of room.

Rent a village

2. Rent a whole island

As a beach and island fan, I would clearly prefer another option to invest my vacation money wisely (if you want to go with the whole family, you can also rent an island). Mother-in-law moving into a village, or?). Rent a complete island for myself alone. Probably everyone dreams of this once. Basically, this dream is easily achievable even without millions. So I set off with my bright yellow canoe and a paddle in the cook islands in the south seas and ended up stranded on a deserted island (photo below). There I spent an afternoon all by myself, a dream! Some people can't even stand being on a beach for 2 days at a stretch and start to get bored. Could never happen to me. Such a lonely tropical island, with endless white sandy beaches and coconut palms is also turtle island in fiji. Turtle island can be rented all by yourself or with a few selected families. This is the ultimate 5-star robinson crusoe vacation. Turtle island has 14 villas, each with its own private beach and a butler. Sounds casual. I would probably replace some of the butlers with masseuses, but other than that I would be happy with these general conditions. Palm fronds, yes…A palm frond couldn't hurt either. The whole island has 14 beaches, therefore also 14 villas. This ensures that no one is on your private beach. It would be unbearable, such a foreign, sweating tourist body, pressing itself into your soft south sea sand. If you want to avoid any contact with other people, just book the whole island, you don't treat yourself to anything else.

Vacation on a lonely island

3. World trip in a private jet

How would it be to jet around the world in a private jet??

  • London, england
  • Dubrovnik, croatia
  • Aswan, egypt
  • Abu simbel, egypt
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Jaipur, india
  • Agra, india
  • Luang prabang, laos
  • Hoi an, vietnam
  • Sandakan, malaysia
  • Lombok, indonesia
  • Broome, australia
  • Ayers rock, australia
  • Sydney, australia

Sounds like an acceptable route to me. Once across europe, asia and australia, to the end of the world. The great thing: each destination is no more than 3 hours away from each other and for a ridiculous 25.000,- € you can spend 20 days in a private jet with 30 friends admiring the abu simbel temples or the taj mahal. See more of the world in less than 3 weeks than 90% of humanity will see in a lifetime. For this there is a provider with the name bill peach journeys.

4. Rent a whole riad

Riads are beautiful traditional villas in morocco, usually with a small courtyard. These riads, which are popular among backpackers and individual tourists because they often rent out inexpensive rooms, can get quite noisy when the noise from these courtyards penetrates into the small rented room. The company hipmarrakech rents luxury riads, complete to a person or group, incl. English-speaking staff and everything the luxury vacationer needs. The riad papillion, for example, is very close to central square and offers five luxury bedrooms, a pool, and a rooftop terrace, with sun beds and a moroccan tent. Pretty nice.

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